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Supporting Kite (1)
LSP (Language Server Protocol) Support (2)
Many (probably most) Addons can not be installed (7)
Vertical guide lines at certain columns (6)
Array count shown in Debug panel (14)
Phrases, search (2)
Windows File Explorer context menu item "Open in Komodo IDE" ( 2 ) (28)
Add Tcl Unit Testing with the TclTest package solution (1)
Saving dialog window loc/size (3)
Setting to change mouse cursor when hovering over editor window (13)
New users with many questions (4)
Enhanced code folding (8)
Option to disable line number mouse hover dialog boxes (1)
Vue.js API catalog (3)
Autocomplete Import relative paths in Javascript (or other languages where possible) (3)
Edit > Cut multiple times puts last or all lines in clipboard -- preference request (3)
Block comments (/* */) Preferences setting to disable automatic "*" added for each newline (11)
AWK Language extension for Komodo Edit 11 (1)
K11.1 Simple Really Want-To-Haves (3)
Authenticate Remote Account with PKCS11 support (1)
PSR Formatter (7)
Customize Folder Label when adding Existing Folder to Project (1)
Spellchecking Code (1)
Update file references when changing a filename (2)
[Version Control] Add multiple commits without closing "Committing Changes" dialog (4)
Find/Replace icons for whole words and regexes should indicate state (13)
Toolbox keybinding (5)
Drag and drop text from one tab to another (3)
Save on close dialog roughness (1)