Phrases, search

Somehwere i have forgotten a

print_r or an echo

to find it, i use normaly UltraEdit at harddisc.
If i want to search at the server without console,
i have to open and search twice times.

Why there is no mode or a trigger to search for:

to search for all three parts in one go?

I still dream about snippets that are useable by short cuts
Maybe i just need a program that makes strg+c and strg+v possible for more than one copied text.
But it would be nice to add some things to komodo and get them by pressing chars.

If i dont use xdebog, i just use

This is an example, that i want to to insert just by STRG+ {Whatever}

Use a regular expression in the Komodo search: (print_r|echo|something)

For more details on how to use Regex in Search have a look at our docs:

Please do not put mutliple topics in one thread, especially topics you already have going in a separate forum post. If you have more questions on the topic, post back in the original thread. You will never get an answer if you keep starting new threads on the same topic. Beside, I thought we answered this already. It is 100% possible to do this.

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