New users with many questions

Here’s a suggestion for the forum not the product.
I come from the Visual Studio world where I code mostly c#, and less actively, Eclipse where I code Java as needed. I had always used Notepad++ for all other editing but finally had enough of things not working and needing more control over the appearance of every app I use, since I typically spend 18 hrs a day writing code and running a business.
That said - I’ve spent the past year evaluating everything from Atom, Sublime, Visual Code - you name it. And Komodo Edit was last on the list (because it’s not open source and I prefer that).

Turns out I really like the app, and spent a few days building my “color scheme” as you folks call it, to make it look the way I want. I’ve spent a lot of years with Solarized Dark, and over the past year developed my own “Solarized” based on the color Steel Blue. So for the most part I was able to make Komodo Edit at least LOOK like something I could use very frequently every day. And since I do -some- web work but very little, I was happy to see that the free editor was the core of a professional IDE which among other languages claimed to support things like html5 and php (the former obviously isn’t a language, but that’s irrelevant here).

When I got done with making it LOOK the way I wanted, I got down to work, and closed up all my work in Atom and perhaps overly optimistically, removed the app. As expected I immediately had questions about this new app I really was falling in love with. And some of them seemed about things that surprised me. So I started posting.

Then the forum told me I had exceeded the 5 post allowance for a new user and to come back - 18 - yes 18 hours later.

So my feature suggestion is that you reconsider that position.
There are better ways to protect yourselves from potential abusers than to cut off actual users who want nothing more than to find some answers to problems that, and I won’t mince words, to problems that SHOULD NOT EXIST to begin with. Such as the disappearing toolbar icons, which has been a problem for a couple of years I see.
You can do additional validation when a user submits more than - and let’s be reasonable - 10 or 20 posts - like the “I AM A HUMAN” validation. 5 posts is just f–king insulting.

So take this for what it’s worth. I’m just a newcomer trying to evaluate your product.
But I’m no “n00b”. I’ve been a software engineer for 34+ years. And I talk to people - and recommend products - more frequently than you might imagine.
I do my homework and read what I can find to answer my own questions - for example, I looked thru the online documentation thinking I might consider writing my own plugin/addon to fix some of the issues I found - and if you have not read thru the so-called “API Documentation” - well let me tell you, there isn’t enough information to bother.
So if your primary source of information is the forums, and users who help users, then shutting down a motivated and capable new user - MIGHT be something you want to reconsider.

Now let’s see if I can get some answers about the problems I’ve found.
Because while I despite Eclipse and would LOVE to replace it with Komodo IDE - there’s absolute no possibility of that right now. And also, no chance I’d recommend the editor even being free.

(Pardon my directness, after 34 years I’ve chosen to not mix words but just get the point across.)

Hi @DavidInvenio, thanks for the feedback.

What issue is this? Could you please link it? I can’t recall this issue.[quote=“DavidInvenio, post:1, topic:4518”]
and if you have not read thru the so-called “API Documentation” - well let me tell you, there isn’t enough information to bother.

Which documentation are you referring too? We have thorough documentation for our SDK for building JS addons. If you have input or requests regarding them then please state them. This isn’t helpful feedback.[quote=“DavidInvenio, post:1, topic:4518”]
So if your primary source of information is the forums

This isn’t true. We have extensive docs and for reporting bugs we have a bug tracking system as well as a Gitter page where you can ask away. We have never had someone reach the five post limit other than spam accounts. I’m sorry you hit the limit and were frustrated by it but I really do appreciate your interest in Komodo. We’ll be happy to help you get sorted and I’ll see about bumping up or eliminating the limit, though I have reservations about that as it would likely lead to us having to perform more administration work on the site and less helping.

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I changed your account type today so you shouldn’t hit any limits anymore.

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Thanks @Defman, I guess I know know Komodo!