Saving dialog window loc/size

I see this in a lot of apps and never have understood why. My own apps don’t do it and I’m not some big developer!
If I open a dialog window - let’s say the color scheme editor - and resize it, and especially this dialog because it has 3 panes to fit - then close it. And yep reopening ignores my resizing/repositioning. And it’s such a simple task to store those settings somewhere. I don’t understand why apps don’t do it.

So why not make this app remember 4 numeric values for every dialog/window? (bonus points if the resizing of content like panes is also stored, why not if you’re already handling the window itself!)

When using non-native window decorations it does exactly this. But when using native window decorations it defers to your OS’s window manager. The reason you see this in a lot of apps is likely because that’s how your OS manages those windows. Generally speaking you want your desktop software to defer to the OS as much as possible.

We’ll agree to disagree on that mate! LOL
I’ve done a fair number of Windows apps and saving the window loc/size was always a given.
Discounting my own experience, Eclipse, Visual Code, Visual Studio, hell even Notepad++ manages it - and every one of those is using standard Windows chrome (I can be certain of this because I’ve built a visual style that changes the default min/max/close buttons not to mention the rest of the appearance of the standard Windows “window” - so if those apps weren’t using the standard, it would be pretty obvious).

In any case - it’s not an issue. Merely a suggestion!