K11.1 Simple Really Want-To-Haves


I’ve been using KIDE a few years now and I took a break from it because projects… Anyway I’m back.

The things that annoy me most about K11 is:

  1. The quick find behavior is bad.
    1a. The find bar disappears every time you click in text, so if I am searching a modifying (a very common operation) I always have to bring the find bar back up.
    1b. When there are no more occurrences, the text pane jumps to some seemingly random location. No other software on the planet does this. The text input turns red, that should be enough. But when it moves, it behaves like it found another one. Which if confusing AF.

  2. There are no demarkations in the scroll bar (Like Chrome’s Find shows occurrences in yellow ticks)

  3. “Fixits” for code syntax changes. I should be able to click and fix simple syntatical refactorings.
    eg: “Missing ;” - click and add the missing “;”

Other than that K11.1 seems to have fixed my GUI performance issues on macOS. But I use SO MUCH of the above features that using K11 is still quite jarring. I’d like to see K11 be on-par with other editors in those areas.


1.a: Prefs > Find > Never auto-close find…
1.b It’s jumping back to where you were when you start searching. Personally, i like it. I’m back to where I was before i changed context to searching. You can file a ticket for this if you like.
2. https://github.com/Komodo/KomodoEdit/issues/1887
3. I thought there was a feature request for this but I can’t find it.


Many thanks!!!