Edit > Cut multiple times puts last or all lines in clipboard -- preference request


In most editors, the Edit >Cut command moves the current line or selected text into the system clipboard, overwriting any previous contents. In many of those editors, there is an option to do an alternate cut command that accumulates all of the deleted lines into the system clipboard, so when you paste the contents of the clipboard, it pastes all of the cut lines, instead of just the last one which was cut. In Komodo IDE, the cumulative behavior (without any cursor movement between each invocation) is the default, with apparently no way to change it to the more common overwrite behavior.

It would be great if Komodo IDE had a user-changeable preference to set the default behavior to one or the other. Even better would be to have two separate possible commands, so users could have both available – likely with one assigned to Edit >Cut and the other set to some other action/keystroke.


@mjross tested it, but the behaviour is a bit strange.
If you want the overwriting behaviour you could use a simple userscript to do so.

var currentView = require("ko/views").current();
var scimoz = currentView.get('scimoz');

// There is text selected
if (scimoz.selText.length > 0) {
} else {


@babobski Cool. Thanks!