Things i really hate

  1. Everytime when i start komodo, there is this question, if i want to open old stuff.
    This window doesn’t pop up for me. It is somehwere between 20 other windows i have usually open. I dont need this question! Why the program forces me day by day with the same question and the problem to find the window?!

  2. I use komodo for editing code directly on the server and sometimes for debug. But every day again i have to uncheck the “listen to port for debugging”. This means that i cant use phpMyAdmin on my test-server for example. So every day i have to uncheck it. Again and again and again.

Yes, Sir, that are only two clicks from thousands and thousands every day, seven days a week. So why komodo cant remember my last “status” for this checkbox?

Thank you to help me having a better day. :slight_smile:

Hi @anjade,

  1. You can set this in your prefs: Edit menu (Komodo on OSX) > Preferences > Workspace: When starting Komodo.
  2. This one sounds wrong. Komodo should be selecting a random port every time it starts up. If it’s consistently conflicting with other applications it probably means you set a custom port. You can set it back to a random port in Preferences > Debugger > Connection.
  • Carey