Many (probably most) Addons can not be installed

Using in Komodo Edit the menu Add-ons/Packages and then selected “Skins” to install a skin, all skins I tried (Atomik, Oceamodo, Paper, Sublime) brought the error message “package is not compatible with your version of Komodo”.

The same happens when I go to the Addons category instead of Skins. For example, the addons “Current Indent Widget” and “Find Window” rais the same error message.

My Komodo version is 11.1.1. My guess is that skins and these addons are meant to be for Komodo IDE, not Edit

I suggest that Komodo Edit either does not show add-ons which it can’t install anyway, or displays them greyed-out. As it stands right now, it is difficult to locate any add-on which can be used with Komodo Edit.

@rovf, isn’t there an option to "install any way?

This usually means the add-on maintainers need to update their add-on’s supported versions of Komodo but since you’re on 11.1.1, that shouldn’t be a problem. Can you confirm you’re build in Help menu > About Komodo?

There are no add-ons that install in IDE that are not able to install in Edit as well.

  • Carey

Komodo Edit, version 11.1.1, build 18206, platform win32-x86. Built on Wed Dec 12 21:49:38 2018.


@rovf, please let me know if there is further action needed. Sounds like there isn’t.

Well, it is “Continue anyway”, and I understood this as “install at your own risk”. I thought that this is meant for developers of new add-ons, because initially they don’t know yet whether the Add on is compatible.

Given that the vast majroity of addons is requesting “Continue anyway”, what’s the purpose then of asking for confirmation?

So people can keep working after they upgrade and an addon developer hasn’t gotten around to updating the config file that tells Komodo what versions the addon supports. The majority of cases are that. If a bug appears then people can report it to the addon maintainer. We found it less than helpful to block addon installs in the past due to a incorrect supported version.

  • Carey