Enhanced code folding


Currently Komodo offers only basic features to fold the current edited source code. Other editors offer much more features:

Having this you can fold/unfold different levels of your code with one click/shortcut - for example within your class (folding level 1) you can fold all your methods (level 2) - without having your class folded itself.
This allows much more effective use of folding.


I agree wholeheartedly. jEdit, for instance, has the command “Expand Folds With Level”, which does what I believe you are describing. After assigning a simple keyboard sequence (in my case, Alt + Enter) to that command, I can enter that sequence followed by a level number (1 through 9), and it collapses all of the lines below that level, which is great for quickly seeing the structure of the code at various levels of granularity. Even Microsoft Word has the same functionality (but of course not for lines of code but rather section headings of different levels and the text among them).

jEdit also has the commands Go to Next Fold, Go to Parent Fold, and Go to Previous Fold, making it easy to jump from one fold to another. I assume it’s not the only application that has that functionality.

The screenshot you provided is from what application?


Thanks for your elaborated description - thats exactly what I meant (but my english is too bad to describe it as precise as you did … ;-))

My Screenshot comes from a text editor named EverEdit. It’s small and fast - I use it for little editing tasks (and for its code folding possibilities :slight_smile: )


Your English is fine. :slight_smile: Thank you for the info about that editor, of which I’ve never heard before. It’s often handy to have a lightweight and fast-loading editor like that readily available.


He’s a writer too @hoppfrosch1! He wrote an awesome review of Komodo. @mjross is pretty darn good at sharing an idea.

This is a cool idea. I think I would use folding more often if it was this flexible. As it stands I very very rarely use it.

  • Carey


Carey, thank you so much for your kind words!

Yes, I find that I use code folding constantly when writing and analyzing code, the same way that I use text folding (“Outline view”) when writing and editing documents in Microsoft Word. And with each level’s command assigned to a simple key sequence (e.g., Alt+1, Alt+2, etc.), it is easy to get an overview of the code, and at varying levels of granularity. Nowadays I can’t imagine writing code without it.


I use code folding all the time, and I really miss some folding options from other editors.

So, I vote for this idea!


I sure hope things have changed in the 303 days since the last post! LOL
I just started trying out Komodo this week.
I’m used to Visual Studio 2017 for c# coding, and Eclipse for Java coding.
The first one I love, the second I hate more than I can say! LOL

I confess that I never thought to investigate folding in Komodo - because as others pointed out - it’s a pretty common(standard) feature - beyond the very basic level I mean. Notepad++ does folding, and today, by my testing it does it better than Komodo. I just found out that my

tags in an html5 doc don’t get folded!
I hope I’m wrong - or that changes have been made.

For people who work on large line counts, folding is really critical!

I do love the app though, so I guess if I have to write a plugin to do a better job of folding then I’ll do it.
I just can’t bring myself to think about going back to the editor I just dumped after a year of frustration (that would be Atom, soon to be MS-Atomicdisaster LOL). Komodo looks great so far - so I’ll hope for the best on this issue.

PS: On a related note, I would love to hear some commentary from folks who use the IDE, or even just EDIT, but who use it for coding (meaning compiled apps, not html). I had intended to next dump Eclipse and use Komodo, because I really am in love with how completely I could create my preferred appearance (coding 18hr days and you get snarky when things don’t look perfect! LOL). But I work with some large files, and if folding is limited, I can see that being a problem. So I am wondering how other programmers deal with the folding issue - or if it is even an issue. I honestly haven’t tested it enough yet, nor any Java or cpp. Could be I worry for nothing!

Thanks in Advance!