Vertical guide lines at certain columns


In many projects there is a rule that ideally a line in a source program should not be longer than a certain number of characters - typically 80. It would help in editing if the editor could draw vertical guide lines at certain columns, so we can easily see when we get close to that limit.


Morning @rovf,

You’re looking for Edit menu (Komodo menu on Mac) > Preferences > Editing > Smart Editing: Draw the edge line column.

  • Carey


When I open from the main menu Edit/Preferences, I get the window which you can see in the screenshot here:

Incidentally, it is the same if I just open "Preferences2 from the main menu. No difference to “Edit/Preferences”. As you can see, there is not entry named “Editing”. There is an entry named “Editor”, but this does not contain a section named “SmartEditing”.


I’m not sure what color scheme you’re using but it looks like it’s messed up the contrast with the > that is to the left of some of those options. Editor is one of those options and expands.

  • Carey


I’m using the scheme “Cupertino”, modified only for the setting “Indentation Guide”, which is very hard to see in the original “Cupertino”. I use the same color scheme for Interface, Widget and Editor. Indeed, I could not see the “>”, and maybe it would be a good idea if you could fix this in “Cupertino”. Which setting in the colour scheme is responsible for this setting?

Indeed, when I click on that spot, I get now “Smart Editing”.


@rovf, I believe this is fixed in the latest nightly:

  • Carey