Want to contribute but learning curve too steep

I’ve been using Komodo Edit for years and I would love to contribute to the project. The problem is that I don’t know where to begin.

  • I’ve seen the build instructions and messed with that.
  • I’ve read the (old) Mozilla docs.
  • I have read the Contributing to Komodo development post
  • I have forked and modified some extensions.

Is there a way I can become familiar enough to contribute without having to already be familiar with the old Mozilla framework?

Also, is the framework that Komodo is built on still supported/ relevant? What is the plan for the future in that regard?

Do you already have enough contributors?

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Morning @jsooter,

Sorry for the delay. I was on vacation basically since you posted this question.

It’s possible to dance around the Mozilla stuff for the most part but at some point you will hit some code where you’ll need to dig into XUL or XPCOM. I’d say the best way to go about this is to dive in and ask lots of questions when you need to. I will be in the forums daily to answer questions (assuming I’m not on vacation…which i won’t be for a while now).

We also have a Contribute page in the community site: https://community.komodoide.com/packages/submit-instructions/

We spent a lot of time developing an easy to use SDK for working with Komodo: http://docs.activestate.com/komodo/11/sdk/api/
It’s based on Common JS.

Mozilla has dropped support for XULRunner which is what Komodo runs on. There is a plan to migrate Komodo but there is no timeline on that process.

More are always welcome!

I hope that answers all your questions and again, sorry for the delayed answer.

  • Carey

Thanks @careyh this is helpful. Brace yourself for questions in the near future. :grinning:

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