What Would You Like to Contribute?

We use GitHub for all our packages (previously called resources), follow the steps below to share your package via GitHub. Why do we use GitHub? Because we love GitHub and we want contributors to be fully in control of their own contributions.

If you aren't familiar with git or GitHub we recommend reading up on it.

How to Contribute a Package

  1. Create a new GitHub Public Repository (Help?).
  2. Select Initialize this repository with a README.
  3. Click the Releases tab and press Create a new release.
  4. Fill out the form and drag your package onto the Attach binaries section (ie. your addon `.xpi`, your color scheme `.ksf`, your macro `.komodotool`, etc).
  5. Once saved, head over to our Packages repository and click on the file which best describes your package (eg. addons.yml).
  6. Hit the pencil icon at the top right of the file, right next to Raw, Blame and History. Add your repository to the file using the format of: `My Addon Name: http://my-github-repo-url`, then hit Commit Changes
  7. On the next screen hit the Create pull request button.

Now that you have a github repository you can push your code to your repository and allow others to contribute to it. Your repository description and readme will show up on our Packages section.


To contribute actual code to Komodo Edit (and indirectly Komodo IDE) you can fork the Komodo Edit repository on github. From there your first step will be to get your own Komodo build going so you can test your changes.
Once you have your build going there are two ways you can contribute to Komodo development:

Solving Bugs

Want to get your hands dirty? You can search for open bugs on our Bug Tracker .

To be able to fix a bug you'll need to get your own build of Komodo Edit running; you can obtain the source and instructions from our GitHub repository .

To avoid working on a bug that is already being worked on by someone else, please express your intent in the bug report before starting.

Implementing Features

Just like with bugs, you can search our Bug Tracker for open Enhancement requests.

If you have your own idea for a feature that you would like to implement that you think should be part of the core Komodo experience, please file an enhancement request for it and express your intent to implement it.

Bug Reports

The most obvious way to help any software project is to report bugs.

If you really want to help out with this we'd encourage you to try our nightly builds and help us catch bugs early.


Writing documentation is a big part of any software project. We recognize this and have recently launched our new documentation website. Which we will continue to build and emphasize.

To contribute to our documentation login to our documentation site, for the login to work your github account needs an email address that is publicly visible.

Once logged in you can then request editing access via the navigation bar at the top of the documentation site.


If you wish to contribute in some other way please post about it on our forums. We will let you know what the best procedure is for getting your contributions used in our projects.