Contributing to Komodo development

Firstly, well done on moving to GitHub chaps. It’s a nice level playing field.

Secondly, it’s Komodo Edit which is available to contribute to. What’s the deal with making updates there, if I really want to contribute to Komodo IDE? Do changes get pulled in?


Definitely, yes. Komodo IDE is basically Komodo Edit + all of the extra functionality (safe for a few exceptions). Basically you can consider much of Komodo IDE to be open source.

Note we are at pycon this week so don’t have a lot of time to answer questions (I’ll be answering your other threads when I have some more time). We should be back in full force next Monday so feel free to hang out on IRC with us if you have any questions getting a Komodo build going.

Thanks Nathan.

Enjoy the conference fellas!

What may also be cool would be a “this is how we do things” / best practices document.

Everyone does things differently, and when coming to a new project there’s always so much to get your head around, you can end up re-inventing the wheel, then later, finding out there was a system or library to do that.

Maybe some kind of wiki, with entries like prefs, events, windows, scimoz… you get the idea.

Or maybe this is what IRC is for :smile: