Komodo and Big Sur (DO NOT UPGRADE)

Hey @marten, yes, we officially don’t support it but if you read the thread most people are using it without issue with the workaround. Yes, there are other issues but from what I’ve seen the other issues are odd UI glitches.

I recommend you, and anyone else that feels like they have time, contact support@activestate.com and ask what the plan is with Komodo’s release. I honestly wish I could help more but I assure you I’m doing everything I can to help.

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Yeah if you only use Editor the path is bit different, instead of …/KomodoIDE/… the folder is …/KomodoEdit/… the rest are the same. I just got this fixed on mine too.

However I do want to point out an interesting thing, how mine broke: I just purchased a newer laptop 3 weeks ago that already came with Big Sur and I just transferred Komodo Edit over from the old laptop (with High Sierra) and first Komodo worked for three weeks just fine. Then I tried to close the toolbox bar on the right side which started the spinning wheel and hung. I forced closed it and could never start it, even reinstalled it from a freshly downloaded copy would not get it going. Then I applied the fix which fixed it. I still wonder if it worked the first time why a fresh copy wouldn’t get it going again?

And I guess there will be no official fix for Big Sur as OS 12 is already on the horizon with BETA released so it’s not going to be fixed for just a couple of months. Hopefully there’ll be another official working release for 12.

Hey @Tibor_K,

As mentioned above, please contact support to request plans for Komodo future releases.

And regarding why you made it so long without hitting the issue. You likely never had a alert dialog pop up until you closed the toolbox. I can’t think off the top of my head which msg would have appeared due to closing the toolbox tab but once Komodo crashed, everytime you start Komodo a dialog would have tried to open to say “Komodo didn’t close cleanly, do you want to recover?”. That dialog (or any alert dialog) opening is what causes the crash.

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@ssigwart Thank you

I can confirm that the workaround solved my issue :slight_smile:
If anyone’s having trouble just use the terminal, and your favorite terminal editor to update the prefs.js

  1. Fresh install of Komodo IDE 12
  2. Try to run the app
  3. Force close
  4. Terminal: nano ~/Library/Application\ Support/KomodoIDE/12.0/XRE/prefs.js``
  5. Paste user_pref("layers.acceleration.disabled", true);
  6. Save and exit
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Excuse moi mais j’ai exactement le même probleme avec komodo ide 11 pourtant j’ai le dernier macbook pro et j’ai juste pas fais la dernière MAJ es ce que tu as trouve une solution a ton probleme ?

@paul.blmp, pardonnez mon mauvais français mais c’est le meme solution pour version 11:

Salut Paul,
Je viens de réussir à le faire. Je vais te guider.
Etape 1: Aller dans la Bibliothèque dans le Finder
—> Appuie sur “command” + “Shift” (la flèche vers le haut) + “.” en même temps pour le voir
—> Il se trouve dans le fichier à ton nom (c’est à mon nom le mien, je t’envoie un screen)
Capture d’écran 2021-11-17 à 12.22.45|690x199

Etape 2: Va dans Application Support
Etape 3: Clique sur le fichier “Komodo IDE” et/ou “Komodo Edit” si tu as les deux (j’ai le fichier en double, ils sont différents)
Etape 4: Trouve celui qui contient “12.0” dans son fichier (fais le pour les deux apps Komodo Edit et Komodo IDE si tu les as tous les deux)
Etape 5: Va dans “XRE”
Etape 6: Trouve le fichier “prefs.js” et clique droit puis ouvrir avec “TextEdit.app”
Etape 7: Tu vas tout en bas et tu colles “user_pref(“layers.acceleration.disabled”, true);”

Sauvegarde et tu pourras utiliser parfaitement l’application après ça

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Merci @Panda_Z!

Same here. I am running macOS 12.4 (Monterey), and have applied this simple fix.

It DOES work!!!

Thank you for all those who’ve made this possible for us Big Sur and Monterey developers!!!


This patch DOES work for macOS 12.4 (Monterey). I’ve just fresh-installed v.12 today, and applied the patch. It works!!!

heh If all else fails, I can create a VM ISO of Mojave using VMWare if I need to… :wink:

I am actually running OS 12.5 Beta, also works and also just purchased an M1 Pro based MacBook Pro, running good on it. By the way, any plans for Komodo to be native on the Silicon based chips? Also just learned yesterday that OS 13 (Ventura) Beta is also out for beta testers (for Macs 2017 and later) but don’t know what new features are on it yet.

Now we have OS 13 and Komodo is still not fixed and not native to the Silicon-based chips.

Does Active State give up Mac users? No update over two years. I think it’s time to leave.

6 posts were split to a new topic: Komodo Transparent window on macOS 12.0 Monterey

Hey all, I’ve moved the comments about an issue on Monterey to a new thread as it’s a new bug.

To clarify why you’ve not seen any action on Komodo has finally been announced. Komodo IDE Retired and Open Sourced - Announcements - Komodo IDE & Edit | Forums

It was a quite long process to complete this, so apologies that it’s just being announced now.

If you have questions please post them to the linked post above or start a new thread to vent. Please do not post questions about Retired Komodo in this thread.

No updated or fixes will be coming from ActiveState but I will do what I can to help people find a new workaround and provide feedback where I might have some helpful knowledge.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I hope I didn’t just ruin your day.

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Mac OS 10.14.6 Mojave. Komodo IDE 8 crashes shortly after file editing begins.
Any solutions?
Can I revert to an older version of Komodo somehow? Or would that work?

@Lowell_Levinger, there should be plenty of information here to figure out if your issue is the same as this thread reported (and semi solved). If it’s not the same issue then please start a new thread.