Komodo IDE Retired and Open Sourced

Well folks, it’s time. As I say in the blog post (ActiveState Komodo IDE Now Open Source); some of you probably saw this coming!

ActiveState is officially retiring Komodo. The code has been open sourced under the MOZILLA PUBLIC LICENSE.

You can still use your existing Komodo install as before but we’re making it official that no updates or new builds are coming from ActiveState. But if you’re feeling creative, you can now easily view the code to see if you can sort out an issue.

There are more details in the blog post so please read that first. If after you’ve read it you have questions please feel free to ask them here and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Talk soon I’m sure!

  • Carey

Hello, Carey! I hope you are doing well. My apologies that I didn’t see this announcement earlier and respond to it. To me, this is like the end of an era. :frowning: Thanks so much to you and your colleagues for all of the work you put into making what is, to me, still the most awesome programmer’s editor I’ve ever used.

Thank you also for making it still available, as open-source. Over on the installers page, there seem to be two sets of files: 12.0.1-18441 and 12.0.1-91869. GitHub reports both of them as being uploaded “4 months ago”, but apparently lists no actual dates. Is one of those sets of files considered more recent than the other? In other words, which is the latest version we should use for any re-installation?


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Thanks for the nice message, @mjross! You are always a great person to help use Komodo.

If you look at the full filename you’ll note that one is for Komodo Edit and one if for Komodo IDE. So 91869 is Komodo IDE.

  • Carey

It would help if I were to pay attention to the rest of each filename! :slight_smile:

It has been wonderful chatting with you over the years, and I really appreciate all of your patient help. If at any point in the future you get involved in similar projects that would be of interest to freelance coders, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Well definitely checkout what ActiveState is focusing on now. The Platform is a pretty crazy piece (many pieces in fact) of technology. I’m working on a team that manages a few of the many APIs we have and also builds the front end website of The Platform.

It’s similar to the Languages tooling we always had with Tcl, Perl and Python but now the build system is dynamic and builds things as you need them rather than us doing releases of each language version that comes out.

Our plan is to build more than our original languages as well, we’ve added Ruby for example and plan to add more.

It’s definitely worth checking out to see if it’ll work for you.

  • Carey

Cool! Will do.