Italian Translation

Hi, how can I send you my italian translation?

You can send it to my email. laborpago[dddog]

Hi Tony,

Instructions on how to submit a resource can be found here:

We of course very much appreciate @Laborpago’s work, but he is not a rep or in charge of translations. I’m not sure what the point would be of sending your translations to him.

Right now the translations are in Miscellaneous because we only have one translation. But I’d be happy to create a new category “Translations”.

If you have translate file from this topic then send it to my email. Or… If you have own langpack, follow the advice of Nathan, of course.
upd: I got the file. langpack try to do this week. @nathanr, you can move these last posts to this topic?

Ya can this Italian translation section get moved to a different thread? This thread is REALLY long and becoming not helpful.

I’d do it but I have 0 idea on how to do it.

  • Carey

This is my git hub repository.

I’ve forked yours, but I didn’t know as to continue.

Hi Tony,

If you’re new to git & github a good introduction would be:

If you don’t want to invest the time please feel free to upload it elsewhere and post the link in this thread, I’ll try to get you set up.

Note I noticed that your repository is using the GPL license, unfortunately GPL is not compatible with our license. If you intend to share this with our community please use a more permissive license, we generally suggest LGPL, MPL or MIT.

I’ve changed the license in MIT just now. I’ve created my own repository for italian translation of Komodo edit. From there you can download translation and prepare repository as well. I’m reading the documentation hoping don’t disturb you next time.

I must warn you that under every version of Komodo compiles its langpack. For example: from version 8.5.4 langpack not suitable to version 8.5.3 or version 9. So I do not see any reason to throw off langpack on github. Bring much more benefit share translation. Because translation dictionary united langpacks only. Anyway, here is the first Italian langpack - LocalIT.xpi (Komodo Edit 8.5.4 only) After installation, restart Komodo. enjoy

…at the moment. If you try to remake your program to generate folder/language pack compatible with Mozilla Translation System (as in repository of Russian translation) - any translation will be work with any version of Komodo.
@nathanr, can you explain it is true?

We have already discussed this. I do not have time for this. This looks like a job, and for the work you have to pay.

New version localit-0.02.xpi
More translated. Some fixes.


Very nice @Tony_Mercurio and @laborpago. I’ve added it to the Resources repo so it should show up in the Resources on ours ite soon.

I’ve been playing with the idea of writing a simple small “CMS” that would allow you to input your translations and which automatically manages dependencies between different versions of Komodo. Hopefully I’ll find some time to do this next year.

Hi, Yes I think about your idea is very good. And I actually just use an example, do you know transifex platform?. For me, it is very good and under an organizzation of translator you can put translation very fast with it. And you can get translated files and create a language pack. But for joomla cms, there’s a component ctransifex that helps you to create package very fast.

I’m looking forward to see your creation in the next year

Let’s stay tuned.

is there any news about this? I would like to contribute, but I can’t find any source for the Italian translation package. Repository created by @Tony_Mercurio is empty. @Laborpago can you create a new repository with the source of your package or make a PR to Tony?

The repository is useless in this. Let me explain briefly: Komodo line interface are located in a lot of files. Localization is compiled specifically for each version of Komodo. My application uses a dictionary to translate the original files automatically Komodo. After that, the translated files are compiled in the language pack. So the only thing that matters - Dictionary. I can do for you dictionary, but you’ll need to translate. If you will translate dictionary, I make a language pack. But I can not promise that I will do it for each version of Komodo.

So, how the other language teams are keeping their repositories?
I don’t understand why getting lot of files should make a repository useless, being a repository just a bunch of files and directories. Also getting different files for different versions is not an issues, there is branching for this.

Because it is the original files komodo with the translated lines. Each new version of these files are overrides with new original. Thus there is almost no compatibility between versions. Komodo will crash if you put files from older version. If translation Komodo been so easy, it would long ago have been localized. I saw only one way to transfer the localization from version to another version: use a dictionary and use it to translate all the files Komodo each time with new version Komodo.

Let me say it again: everything we need is a new branch for each version of Komodo. Every branch of a repository can contains completely different files, there is no need for any compatibility.
So, can you provide a repository with files for the current version? Even untranslated files will be fine, since every translator can work on some files and then ask for a pull request.

You do not understand… It makes no sense. The team of translators should work on a dictionary, not the files Komodo. Anyway, I can make a langpack, if you will translate dictionary. You can do anything with this package localization.