Localizing Komodo Edit into your language. Any language

Hello All. Sorry for my english.
I offer you a way to translate the interface of Komodo Edit your native language. French, German, Japanese or any other language… This method has already been tested in my native language (Russian). The method is not perfect, but it fit.
You only need to translate the strings that I’ve extracted from files Komodo Edit. File with strings for translation can be downloaded here. To expedite the process of translate can use translation services, such as Google translate. After you finish the translation, you only need to send it to me, so I put these lines in a language pack for your language. After that, I’ll post it in free access.

Attention! It is important to leave the quotes at the beginning and end of the line. It is very important not to change the single quotes inside strings. Very important to keep variables in its original form (see image):

I forgot! Very important to keep the line numbers.

And please, if you take to for translating post your contact information (eg e-mail), to your countrymen could join you, instead of another parallel translation.

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I just want to point out that while this method works it is not the suggested method and it will cause problems with future update. We will be providing documentation on how to properly perform translations soon.

That said if you do follow this method you should have very little trouble converting your translation to the proper format once we provide documentation for it.

Not to detract from your efforts @Laborpago, it is greatly appreciated! I just want to make sure you and anyone who reads this is aware of the implications.

No problem to create a locale for future versions. I use the translated strings, like a dictionary. Dictionary uses an automatic translation strings in files. Once created the dictionary can translate any version of Komodo.

Sorry I’m not sure what you mean, were you taking offence?

Oh, those difficulties of translation… :slight_smile: I need to improve my English. I think you misunderstood. I will remove it, so that it is not confused.

I think @Laborpago means that translate dtd files directly without using system localization by Mozilla is not the good way that be greeted by developers. Or not? I’m confused too, Andrey.

Yes. But, nevertheless, is not bad, in my opinion.

German localization (localde-0.1-ko.xpi). I do not know the German language. Just for demonstration. It’s really easy. I used Google Translate :slight_smile:

I think Germans know English, but anyway for somebody it’s may be useful :smile:

I made it just for fun. :smile: And in order to show that it is simply. As well native language is always more pleasant.

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Most Germans prefer to speak German I think, their tv and movie shows are all dubbed.

I’m Dutch myself but I prefer my software to be in English, but most Dutch people are fairly bilingual (no dubbed tv shows/movies).

It’s definitely very easy to translate :slight_smile: Thanks @Laborpago

Of course it’s true. But I think there are adapted to work with English software (I don’t know truth, I’m not German :D). I never seen software that supports German language. (Editor software like Komodo (of course at now German language available, thanks to Laborpago)).

thank you for this - I’m german, and find it very usefull - but the translation is not complete - how can I change this?

You can translate the strings in the text file. After that, send them to me. I will compile it into a language pack.
Just keep in mind that you need to keep the syntax of regular expressions (for example: “%S” or “[[%s]]” can not be changed). A quote is also necessary to leave as it is. And line numbers should remain the same.

thank you for your reply - but if you give me the german text file, it will be easier :slight_smile:

heh… :slight_smile: of course it will be easier. Sorry, but I have long since deleted the files German translation. Can you give an email address, so I opened the access to translation into Google translation. It is also not difficult. You can also invite anyone who wants to participate in the translation.

Note Komodo IDE has collaboration built-in, so you could work together on translations right from Komodo :wink:

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Ha, I’m forgot about this feature because I never use it :smiley:

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