Icon "skin"

Well, it looks like with every version of komodo a new set of icons is packaged.

Sometimes I like some of them…sometimes I don’t, sometimes I lost the ones that I liked…sometimes I don’t…

I don’t think this helps to the ux, so…what If you let the user set their own icons?

I’ve recently posted this topic, and in there I asked for a way of having yellow folder icons. Now in komodo 11 the chevrons had been replaced with an ugly gray folder icons.

Can you please make the icons (type of file, folder, etc) customizable like skins? So I can have my own single file wich I could edit at any time to have the icons I like trough different versions of komodo

We only changed the file icons for this release, no other icon changes aside from new icons for new features.

That said, you can already change icons with the color scheme editor, when you edit the interface you can enter custom CSS. To get an idea for what CSS to use have a look at this file:

It’s unlikely we’ll make it any easier than this, we had a simpler implementation in the past and no one used it ever.

Personally I like the new folder icon, the chevrons did not match my dark theme, I replaced them in my theme with folder icons:

Only now in 11 I have to revert because i now got two of them:

I noticed you are using a light theme, so I can imagine you might not match as well as on a dark theme.

But as @nathanr mentioned you can style everything in Komodo to you’re own liking.
I wrote a post about customizing Komodo a time ago: