Unable to copy and paste and problems with file names text boxes

Can anyone please tell me if there is something I need to download from the Microsoft website to solve these two problems in my komodo IDE working on a Windows 8.1 computer.

  1. When I try to drag the cursor over text, the cursor simply does not drag over the text and the text does not get highlighted or selected to be copied. So I cannot copy and paste.
  2. When I try to write a file name after clicking Save As or New File, the cursor keeps automatically gyrating back and forward and refuses to go where I want it to be so that I may write the file name in the text box.
    My trial period is running out and these two problems have made my trial period not to go as I had anticipated So, early help will be greatly appreciated.

Any change that this could be helpful for you?

I have received this reply,
"Any change that this could be helpful for you?"
I do not understand what this reply means. What needs to be done is to sort out the cursor.It does not work as it should in copy and drag and also in file name text boxes. How can the cursor be made to work as it should ? That is the question to sort out.

Defman posted an answer from github for a problem that seems to be like yours and is asking if the solution might be the same for you

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These two issues appear related: something (perhaps Webroot) is interfering with your ability to create selections.

And doing paste action as well.

These two issues only occur in Komodo. I use Aptana Studio and Eclipse as well and I have no problems copying and pasting in either of these two editors. Nor do I have problems with File Names text boxes in either Aptana or Eclipse. I do not have Web root on my computer. Perhaps I need to download something from Microsoft to make Komodo work as it should but I do not know what to download. My Aptana could not work until I had downloaded Java. Do you know what I could download and from where to make my Komodo work properly? My operating system is Windows 8.1.

Moses Mirundi

My cipboard works fine i.e. I can copy and paste using the mouse right-click context menu but I can only copy one line or one word at a time. I can’t use the cursor to select, copy and paste a block of text.
This suggests to me that my clipboard is working fine but something needs to sorted out with the cursor.There is a problem with the cursor in my copy of the IDE. I need help on sorting out this cursor problem.

Item 2 is this issue and only has aesthetic effects, you can write and save files fine. You can ignore this without any ill effects, it’s just very annoying and will be dealt with in time.

EDIT: linked the wrong bug (head to desk)

Item one does not sound like issue #156 which @Defman originally thought. Issue #156 did not effect the mouse interaction with scintilla. It was an anti virus program called Webroot silently blocking Komodo from updating the clipboard. The issue that @mirundiuk is reporting is that he can’t select the text that he wants to copy. @mirundiuk, I would try reinstalling Komodo. Also, it would be very helpful if you could create a short video showing us exactly what you’re doing for issue #1 in your first comment.

  • Carey

  1. I have no webroot on my computer and even if there was one on the computer, it would also block Aptana, Eclipse and Vend programs. I have no problems with any of these three programs. The issue is specific to komodo only.
  2. I have done some research on the internet and discovered that the copy/paste issue in komodo is a fairly regular topic on the internet. So, it is not specific only to me.Something decisive needs to be done to sort out this cursor issue which is adversely affecting an otherwise excellent IDE.
  3. I am not a fan of videos. To represent my problem, just press the cursor down at point A in a piece of text.While still pressing the cursor down, try to drag it to point B, in the piece of text, to select from A to B.Nothing will happen-the text will not be highlighted-so, you won’t select anything-that is a cursor problem.

Two things to try:

(1) Can you use the keyboard to make selections? (Shift+Arrow keys).

(2) Can you copy, paste, and make selections in a Firefox web browser? (Both on page content and in text boxes.)

Firefox and Komodo both rely on the Mozilla platform. We need to know if some software on your computer is interfering with Mozilla-type applications.

Aptana, Eclipse, and Vend are pure desktop applications and have no relationship to Mozilla. Just because your issue does not show up for them does not mean Komodo is at fault.

I would like to elaborate on @mitchell response:
As you said above @mirundiuk, your clipboard is working, you can copy and paste single words and letters. The copy and paste issues I assume you’re referring to from the internet (not sure, you didn’t post any links) are issues where users clipboards did not work (That issue has been linked twice to this thread already and was found to be a Mozilla issue and is now resolved).

Your issue is that you cannot select text using your mouse. You are able to copy and paste but you are not able to copy and paste all of the text you would like due to not being able to select it.

This is a new issue that no other users have hit so please be patient and help us resolve the issue for you. That’s why we’re here :blush:


  1. I have been able to do keyboard selections (Shift+Arrow keys) in a firefox browswer-I opened up an HTML form file ,I prepared in komodo yesterday, in Firefox and I was able to do both keyboard and normal cursor selections(dragging the cursor over text) on various text boxes in the file while Firefox was still open.
  2. I have been unable to do keyboard selections in the same HTML form while **it was still in the Komodo editor ** before opening it up in Firefox to send it to http://localhost.


Are you running Komodo 9.2?

The information I have found under the Help menu is this :smile:
Komodo IDE,version 9.2.0 build 87616.

Could you try starting Komodo with the default settings? I suspect this may be an addon/macro issue.

>“C:\Program Files(x86)\ActiveState KomodoIDE9\komodo.exe”
I am not sure what Ishould type in the place of TEMP above because I do not yet know how and where to find the " parent folder that you wish komodo to look in" as I am not yet very farmiliar with the komodo file straucture.
I ned some guidance on this issue.

Nothing. Just type %TEMP% - it’s a Windows cmd variable.

I have typed the following at the two command lines :smile:
>"C:\Program Files(x86)\ActiveState KomodoIDE9\komodo.exe"

I got the following from the system:
"The system cannot find the path specified" and komodo did not open.
The > above is merely to show that I was typing at a command line. I did not actually type the > at the command lines.

Where’s your Komodo installation? Just find the exe file and drag it onto the cmd after you did set the KOMODO_USERDATADIR variable, then press enter to run Komodo.