Top menu gone, can't get it back

Hi, my top menu has disappeared and I can’t get it back. I’ve tried using Alt to toggle it back with out any luck. I’ve also tried to restart the app.

You can enable it under Hamburger Menu (top right of the window or bottom left of the editor area) - View - Toolbars - Show Menubar

There is no menu at all, that is the problem.

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O, I see, thanks. Have not seen this kind of trickery before :grin:

Thanks for your help.

@hreidar, the hamburger menu is there because you disabled your toolbar as well. But you did just spot a bug! Congrats! Disabling your toolbar shouldn’t block Alt from opening the menu bar.

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Press Alt Key for a couple of seconds, Menu bar will appear. Right click the menu bar and check Show Toolbar. Toolbar will appear.

You’re all over it @samtajoshi20! You shouldn’t need to hold Alt any more though. It appears to have ebeen fixed and simply tapping Alt should trigger the menu bar to appear.