Setting The Correct PHP version In komodo IDE 9

I get the error “Error determining PHP version” when I try to set my PHP exceutable in my Komodo 9 IDE to which I am a new comer-
Menu path :Edit-Languages-PHP.
Under Default PHP Interpreter (the first Path box), I entered the following :
Under Use this ecexutable( the second path box), I am not sure what I should enter.
So I entered c:\wamp\bin\apache2.4.9\php.ini again.
komodo is not happy and is giving me the above error.
I am new to komodo IDE and I am stuck.
Any help, please ?

Moses Mirundi-UK.

Default PHP Interpreter - path to your php.exe or php5.exe (not sure how it’s called in Windows)
Use this executable - leave it empty if you don’t use Composer in PHP.
The third path box is path to your php.ini, you can specify it or leave it empty. (in case if it will be empty - Komodo will uses its own php.ini)

I could not get php.exe but I got php5ts.dll but the error message is still there.
The path in the first box is now now
The path in the second box is now empty.
The path in the third box is now
I still get the eroor, “Error determining PHP version”
So, the problem continues and I still need help/support to fix it.


Moses Mirundi

As I said, you need to set the first pathbox to your php.exe path.
In your case, I guess it’s C:\Wamp\bin\php\php<version>\php.exe
You can open cmd and run where php to determine the php.exe file and the path to it.

I have set the path in the first box to c:\wamp\bin\php\ohp5.5.12\php.exe
The message now is “Successfully configured for local PHP debugging.”
It goes on to say, “Specify any directories that you want komodo to use for autocompletion and calltips. Komodo will recursively scan these directories for information.”
I haven’t got a clue on how to go about setting these directories. Please let me know how to go about setting them.
Thank you for your help so far and I am making progress at last.
Moses Mirundi

You don’t need them actually just for simple PHP debugging. Once you will start working with some serious stuff (like MVC frameworks) or need auto-completions for advanced PHP classes in some projects (@nathanr could give you an example of that, because I don’t remember a repo with the example) - then you should add some folders for this setting.

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