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Hi there,

i comes current from Phpstorm and looked for a new PHP IDE. I working self with Drupal, Magento, Contao and Wordpress. I use at the moment the trial version of Komdo IDE.

Komodo IDE looks awesome, fast and slick. What i miss is a Browse Host like in PHP Storm on the right sidebar where i can move/copy via Drag & Drop to Remote Hosts and switch fast between the configured Remote Hosts.

I found now the way to configure in Komodo IDE the Remote Hosts in the general Settings and save files as Remote File but like it more to have Remote Host Browser on the right side with functions like Move Files, change permissions of files and folders, delete and rename files.

Is there a similar feature to Phpstorm Browse Hosts or will it comes in next releases?

Greetings, Alexander


Komodo includes a lot of support for remote files. For example, you can browse remote files in the Places widget in the left side pane, and you can set a Komodo project that references a remote path. Places will provide the remote file file operations - like copy, move, delete and file permissions.

Komodo IDE also includes a Publishing component - for pushing and pulling files between local and remote file systems, keeping files synchronized.

There is also this Komodo add-on that provides a remote file exporer in a separate pane:


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Hi Todd,

thank you very much. I found CHMOD permission in properties of file but maybe you can place in next releases in the menu a item (it is faster way) to change the CHMOD permissions.

Maybe a short tip: In Phpstorm or Notepad++ for Windows i can duplicate fast with keyboard shortcuts CMD + D Words and selected lines. Or if i press CMD and select via Cursor i can write in the selected area.

But Komodo IDE looks very awesome and i think i will buy the Freelancer license. Phpstorm is good and one of the best IDE but it is based on Java (officially only supports Java 6, with Java 7 and Java 8 it has some bugs and i don’t want install Java by Oracle like the Security issues.) and it is to big for my daily work. Small and slick with good app quality is better.

For me is important: Fast and clean application, very good Usability for fast development, support of SVN, Git, Bitbucket, Github etc. - I work on small projects often with FTP/SFTP and big projects with Git or SVN.

Greetings, Alexander

Thanks for the feedback.

There is a duplicate command in Komodo, but it doesn’t have a keybinding by default, so you could go into Komodo’s keybinding preferences and assign it the Cmd+D shortcut.

For the file permissions, you could use a simple Komodo macro (JavaScript) to change file permissions, like this one, which changes the currently selected Places entry:

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