Find and replace in remote files


Can Komodo Edit (or IDE) Find and replace in remote files? I can’t figure out how to do this unless I was to have a shared directory set up between windows and my ubuntu vm - which I don’t at the moment

I have a remote connection set up via sftp and I have my sites directory and sub-directories listed on the left panel. If I right click a directory - Find & Replace are greyed out.

If I open the find window (CTRL + H), if I select ‘Search in: Files’ Directories and open the directory list, I can’t add in a directory from my ubuntu VM, it can only add directories from my windows host.

This makes it impossible to search something from the site root and I have to do a grep command in putty to find something from the site root, which works but I can’t double click a file and go to what I’m looking for emmediately (unless I have a shared directory set up).

Is there any other way of doing this or can it be implemented in a future version?


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