Register the komodo:// protocol

It’s possible to assign apps to different protocols in all OS’es. It could be interesting to register such a protocol for Komodo to allow different kinds of interaction with it, e.g. opening komodo://pkg/install/wakatime will install Wakatime and so on.

Your thoughts?

Are there other use cases? Is there some reading you could point me at for this? I’m not personally familiar with this concept so I’m having a hard time thinking of use cases myself.

You can simply create links that could interact with Komodo in different ways. Think about it as a CLI. I don’t know any good books/posts/etc. about protocol handlers, but I find them useful.

The main advantage would be people could click “install” from the Komodo packages section and it would just open in Komodo and install the relevant package.

I’d like to do this at some point, but getting it implemented for each platform looks tricky. Doable, just uncertain if it’s worth the effort.

xdg for Linux (x-scheme-handler), I assume the same for OSX. Windows has its own thing, as usual. The main problem is that browsers treat these links differently, some of them may pass everything after :// as arguments, some of them would pass the whole link as an argument. It’s indeed tricky.

You would assume wrong… :wink:


I’m guessing it’s more than just installing packages. That doesn’t seem that useful. Would it support something like komodo://open/file.txt? I have a few ideas for that.

Sounds like an web API?

You could say the same thing for Mac I think :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s like CLI over a protocol. You can do almost anything, the only limit is your skills and imagination! :slight_smile:

Answering your question: yes, you can create the komodo://open/ handler.

can’t OS X just have the protocols it listens for set in its info.plist?

That is the method I found, yeah.

It would be cool if there would be a way to register a custom handler for the protocol so add-on developers could implement some cool features as well.

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