Quantify your coding inside Komodo with http://wakatime.com/.


  • Detects project name from revision control software. (ex: git, subversion, mercurial)
  • Language breakdown showing your most-used programming languages.
  • Monthly, weekly, or daily email summaries.
  • See logged time per project or branch.


  1. Inside Komodo, navigate to ToolsAdd-ons.
  2. Press the left arrow key to go up one level.
  3. Search for WakaTime and press Enter to install.
  4. When prompted, click Restart Now.
  5. Enter your api key.
  6. Use Komodo and your time will be tracked for you automatically.
  7. Visit https://wakatime.com to see your logged time.

Screen Shots

Project Overview


Open your log file Help → Troubleshooting → View Log File and look for WakaTime related error messages.

Also, turn on debug mode then tail your $HOME/.wakatime.log file to debug wakatime cli problems.

For more general troubleshooting information, see wakatime/wakatime#troubleshooting.

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