Planning on working for > 2 split view per window

I want to make komodo able to split whatever style you want.
Which XUL file i should be looking for that?
I would like to make it so it allows 2 vert split + 1 horizontal split , 4x4 grid split etc.
Is that possible just by doing with XUL + Python?

Open 2 editors with split view :smiley:

Possible? Certainly! Easy to do? Hard to say, I’d say you could get a prototype off the ground fairly easily but getting it to work nice with all of the Komodo API’s might be a bit more trouble than you’re in for, that said I might be totally wrong and easily doable in the end.

Start off by installing Dom Inspector, so you can “inspect” XUL and see what you should be modifying. You’ll be able to find most of the view splitting code in views-multi.xml.

We’d be happy to review a pull request for this functionality, it’s something I’ve wanted to do as well but doesn’t fit on my priority list for the time being.

@Defman21 he quite clearly states he wants more than that :wink:

I’m trying to do this…

@Defman21 it seems a bit redundant for you to attempt this when @Phyo_Arkar is already doing so, if you wish to help him why not get in contact with him?

Good idea :smile:


I’m really close to do this feautre!

Very nice. As I said though I think that is probably the easy part, it probably won’t play nice with other Komodo API’s (Open Files, Move Split View, Rotate Split View, etc.).

Not to say it’s not worth the effort - just saying you might not be as close to the finish line as you might think :wink:

Well, I can get multi-view (4 windows) by copy deck-vbox-hbox-deck-vbox-view-xul:box, but this just create a COPY of original xul:box and this doesn’t work as must (I can’t “drop” items in a new box, it will automatically dropped in a original xul:box ). I’m trying to fix it :smile:
@nathanr, can you say where placed event that open file in tab?
For now I’m create a extension that doesn’t create a ±style window, but that create additional windows :smile:
Or addon’s can edit XUL like this?

I’m not sure if this type of file can be overlaid with XUL overlays, modifying this would probably need to be done on the core app - which means forking KomodoEdit and getting a build going. That or you could try and do it all in javascript, manually altering the DOM, though we wouldn’t be able to accept that into the core app.

I’m fork Komodo Edit later and start working on this, thanks.

LOL that is the current setup i have :smiley: .

Wow @Defman21 , that was fast.So Defman you planning to working on it? My build of komodo is failing so far.

Thanks to Komodo Community is way a lot more active than previous forum on activestate. Very good sign for Komodoedit’s future. We need to keep it up to beat !

So that would split community and waste our efforts. Multiple splitview is quite important feature since Vim/Emacs times.Lots of good old editor-loving people wants it. No way to make it work in non-breaking way?

How about layout Presets ?
Most common are :

1 horizontal split + 2 vertical splits
Kdiff3 3 way merge style: 3 horizontal views on top + 1 view on bottom.
2x2 grid

Using layout presets , we can forget bout Rotate Split View (when a layout is choosen , it is not allowed to rotate) , it wouldn’t make sense for “RotateSplitView” at all. For “Open Files” , just put multi-highlight of currently active views , plus more Color intensity of currently focused Editor (Check KATE Editor of KDE for that).

Mockup of Layouts :

Yep, I do. But I can’t release all your layouts just because I’m not a XUL-pro and I’m not a Komodo developer (it means I don’t know all about how works Komodo core). I try to create 3 and 6 layouts (anyway I’m create a special split’s allow move/edit height and width of this windows so you can create 2 and 5 layout just remove 1 window from 3 and 6 layout).

@Defman21 , Ofcoz , i understood, i am not asking you to implement all layouts. I am waiting your fork so i can help as you started working on it and do not want to duplicate efforts.

Preset layouts were about discussing alternatives with @nathanr , on possible way to integrate Preset split views into Komodo without breaking API Compatibility.

What i want to say is when a layout is chosen instead of normal single/dual split , it will not allow to “Rotate Split View” “Move Splitview”.

Well I don’t understand how to build Komodo on Debian 7.
It’s give me a error:

running 'hg init /root/komodosource/KomodoEdit/mozilla/build/moz3100-ko9.10/mozilla'
sh: 1: hg: not found
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 3015, in <module>
    sys.exit( main(sys.argv) )
  File "", line 3011, in main
    return build(args)
  File "", line 2835, in build
    newArgv = targetFunc(argv)
  File "", line 2516, in target_all
  File "", line 2176, in target_src
    _run("hg init %s" % (hgRepo,),
  File "", line 231, in _run
    raise OSError("error running '%s': %r" % (cmd, status))
OSError: error running 'hg init /root/komodosource/KomodoEdit/mozilla/build/moz3100-ko9.10/mozilla': 127

Same , I am having build problems too. Komodo is not so building friendly yet.
But on your case , you just need to install mercurial.

$ apt-get install mercurial 

I think.

I try, thanks.