Planning on working for > 2 split view per window

At now this help. I don’t get any errors at start and last phrase was “Adding changes to files” (or something like this, original phrase in Russian)


running 'python mach --log-file /root/komodosource/KomodoEdit/mozilla/build/moz3100-ko9.10/mozilla/mach.log build ' in '/root/komodosource/KomodoEdit/mozilla/build/moz3100-ko9.10/mozilla'
 0:00.26 /usr/bin/make -f -s
 0:00.43 Adding options from /root/komodosource/KomodoEdit/mozilla/build/moz3100-ko9.10/mozilla/.mozconfig:
 0:00.43     MOZ_OBJDIR=$(TOPSRCDIR)/ko-rel
 0:00.43     FOUND_MOZCONFIG := /root/komodosource/KomodoEdit/mozilla/build/moz3100-ko9.10/mozilla/.mozconfig
 0:00.49 /root/komodosource/KomodoEdit/mozilla/build/moz3100-ko9.10/mozilla/ *** Could not find autoconf 2.13.  Останов.
 0:00.49 make: *** [build] Ошибка 2
 0:00.49 0 compiler warnings present.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 3015, in <module>
    sys.exit( main(sys.argv) )
  File "", line 3011, in main
    return build(args)
  File "", line 2835, in build
    newArgv = targetFunc(argv)
  File "", line 2522, in target_all
  File "", line 2438, in target_mozilla
  File "", line 249, in _run_in_dir
    _run(cmd, logstream=None)
  File "", line 231, in _run
    raise OSError("error running '%s': %r" % (cmd, status))
OSError: error running 'python mach --log-file /root/komodosource/KomodoEdit/mozilla/build/moz3100-ko9.10/mozilla/mach.log build ': 2

Autoconf installed.
Sorry, I’m install Autoconf 2.69… /me facepalm

I want to make sure you understand what I was saying - what I meant was not that we would be unable to accept a pull request for multiple split-views, but that it would need to be implemented properly for us to do so. Implementing it in pure javascript and manipulating the DOM would not be a proper implementation and we would therefore not be able to accept it. If you do it by modifying (or replacing) the existing structure then we would be happy to look at it.

I specifically developed our Docker container for this issue, please use it -

I mean seriously, you guys are reinventing the weel here :stuck_out_tongue: Basically you’re at an interesection where you can choose the easy way and the hard way and you’re choosing the hard way … :wink:

Note the blog needs to be updated on one subject - the files will be located at /komodo/dev rather than /root/komodo.

I love hard way. HAHAHA.
But if I get error again (It will be 6 time… AND I DOWNLOAD ~900MB 6 TIMES!!!) - I’m start using Docker.

In Debian 7 docker has “” name and placed in Sid… Huh.
But I found a good guide (it’s posted in June, 17 2014, it means that this guide is not so old and for me it works)

Can somebody say what I must type?

root@defman:~/komodosource/KomodoEdit/util/docker# sudo ./docklet ssh
Warning: Permanently added '[]:49153' (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.
komodo@'s password: 

I don’t have any passwords for my ssh keys…