OSX Sierra 10.12.2 Breaks Komodo - Update released with fix

We’ve found that the latest OSX update is breaking all versions of Komodo. Komodo will run but will crash when closing certain files or windows.

This issue has been fixed as of Komodo version 10.1.4.


Please update Komodo to the latest version.

Komodo 9 Users

We are investigating backporting the fix to Komodo 9, but such a fix won’t land earlier than January 2017. Until then you have several options:

  • Don’t install OSX 10.12.2 yet
  • Use the Komodo 10 trial
  • Upgrade to Komodo 10
    • If you have upgrades & support you can already use Komodo 10
    • You can use the following coupon to get $50 off: K9SAVE50

Older Versions

If you are using an older version of Komodo perhaps now is the time to upgrade? You can try the Komodo 10 trial for 21 days. Unfortunately it is unlikely we will be providing an update for older versions of Komodo.

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It’s on the verse of February, what’s the story for K9 users?

I was willing to upgrade, but the upgrade discount did not apply to Personal License users.

Hey @Scorp1us, we don’t have any concrete plans yet. Please contact sales@activestate.com regarding your crashing issue & discount, I’m confident they’ll be able to facilitate you.

They weren’t able to facilitate me.

Apologies @Scorp1us, I just checked your support ticket and it seems they were under the wrong impression. I should have followed up with them to let them know what issue you were experiencing exactly. They’ll be reaching out to you soon again to get this resolved for you.

Ok, thanks, I really appreciate it.