Old File Icons



I really find those new Icons in 9.3 aweful. Is there a way to get the old file icons in 9.3?



Sorry, this is not possible. Unfortunately there will always be a few individuals who do not like a visual change and the sad truth is that we cannot please everyone.

That said, if you know the basics behind a firefox/komodo addon then you could simply override the icons with your own.


I like the new file icon, but why the Python icon all yellow?

Python standard logo:



I thought that was odd too.

It appears as though the file icons are svgs under lib/mozilla/chrome/icons/default/fileicons. I created a new, blue/yellow svg and replaced python.svg, but it didn’t seem to have any effect. Are the icons stored somewhere else or are the assets cached somewhere?


The icons are processed and cached, so if you make changes you’ll have to delete <profile>/XRE/icons and restart Komodo.

All of the icons are currently a single color, that’s why I didn’t consider making it yellow/blue for Python. But I see no harm in doing that, I’ll update it for Komodo 10 or maybe 9.3.2.


Yup. Worked. I can save you 5 minutes work if you want me to send you the .svg I altered.


No worries, it’s hardly 5 minutes :slight_smile: Plus I’m a picky bastard.

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