Multiline editing

Any methods how to enable multilne editing?

Just hold Ctrl+Shift (cmd+shift on Mac) and drag your mouse cursor.

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Please add the arrow keys support for multiline edition :smiley:

Already exists - alt+shift+up/down

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Hmm, not work…

Please check your keybindings, the commands you are looking to bind are:

  • Editor: Select Rectangular to Next Line
     - Editor: Select Rectangular to Previous Line

You can filter using Select Rectangular to see all the relevant keybinds.

Not founded. Komodo Edit 8.5.
Sorry, I’m install russian localization. I’m try to found it!
I found. It’s binded.
I rebind its to Ctrl+Shift+[up/down). By Alt+Shift I change my keyboard language in a system. :smile:

I guess this feature doesn’t work well. When I press Alt+Shift+Down, this happens:

Checked my key bindings - everything’s there.

I’m actually posting here to share an idea. It would be cool if you guys could make multiple cursors (or carrets, or what ever). I know about Ctrl+D and I use it all the time, but sometimes you don’t need to select anything, you need to add something before some word or after it, or even in random places. So, my idea is - you hold alt, you click somewhere in text and it creates new carret. Sick, right?)) Also it would be cool if you could not only click, but also select any parts of text with mouse and each selection would turn into cursor with selection. It’s like Ctrl+D but way more advanced.)

It’s like multiposition editing? I think it’s wasn’t work fast (because at me if I select more than 10-20 lines in multiline editing - removing/typing characters beings to slow down…). I know it’s caused by syntax highlighting.
P.S.: Are you from Russia? Your original picture was loaded on servers :smiley: (at now it’s automatically uploaded to komodoide server).

You can use Ctrl+Click after you have the initial multi-caret session started (i.e. after one use of Ctrl+D).

We did take a look at this type of feature (we had originally wanted to use Ctrl+Click for starting a multi-caret session - but that’s already used by the Komodo hyperlinks feature). Alt+Click also has problems on other platforms - most notably on Linux it will cause you to move/drag the whole window around.

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Too bad feature is there but it’s not usable. After you press Ctrl+D ones, it’s kindda ruining it. It selects a word near your caret and it makes farther use of Ctrl+Click useless. If using Ctrl or Alt is impossible, maybe you could add some combo that starts multi-caret session without selecting anything?

Wow, I just figure out how to do this. It’s Ctrl+K, Ctrl+Y by default. Here’s this option:

Here’s macro for this:

// Macro recorded on: Thu Aug 07 2014 13:09:14 GMT+0400
if (komodo.view) { komodo.view.setFocus(); }

I changed hotkey to Ctrl+Alt+D and It works great, just like I described above.

Right, there is also the make additional caret command (also available in the Select menu - right click, or Edit > Select).

Ctrl+Alt+Click was proposed, but someone was against it… and I don’t remember who or why now… I don’t see why Ctrl+Alt+Click couldn’t be used.

Also there’s middle click (mouse3). :wink:

Middle click also has cross-platform problems - as it’s a paste operation on Linux.

We have a bug on improving the multi-selection workflow:

Thanks, I never don’t know about this feature :smiley:


In Komodo Edit 11, Ctrl+Click and Alt+Shift+up/down seem to do very different things. The first is multi-cursor editing, while the second is only rectangular selection. This second one is very limited since you have to hold Alt-Shift while doing any operations and does not allow moving the cursors around, for example with, home, end, or selecting words with Ctrl+right/left etc.

Is there a way to create multiple cursors, as in Ctrl+Click, but with the up/down arrows?


Hi, no this is not possible.

Hi Mitchell,

Is it really not possible, or not currently implemented? Any chance such a thing could be written as an extension?