Multiline editing

You would have to write a userscript to convert an Alt+Shift+Up/Down “thin” rectangular selection into multiple selections after-the-fact.

Komodo uses the Scintilla editing component. Userscripts can access Scintilla via var scimoz = require('ko/editor').scimoz(). With the returned Scintilla object you would be able to fetch the rectangular selection bounds and then create multiple selections via the Scintilla API ( Note that Komodo’s Scintilla API methods are slightly different (e.g. SCI_ADDSELECTION -> scimoz.addSelection()). You can use Komodo’s “Console” tab (in the bottom pane) to interactively query the Scintilla API methods to find the correct ones to use.

Thanks. I think I can take it from there.

It would be nice to have it as a built-in feature though. Multi-editing (without the mouse) is a great time-saver!