Migrating from Komodo IDE 10 to 11

I seem to always have this issue with every major upgrade (minor updates I have some issues as well). All my data, settings, server, and configurations get lost. When I copy over everything, Komodo looks black and white and very horrible and freezes everything up and is not responsive.

Can you guys release a How-To each major release on how to migrate data over from the previous Version? Data I need copied over are my preferences, layout, configuration, theme settings, servers, and passwords. Because copying over the files does not seem to work, it breaks everything.

If you are manually migrating the preferences file then that is likely where the issue lies. There are 100s of preferences in Komodo and many of them cannot be migrated so we purposefully drop those preferences.

Layout settings is one of those prefs. You can’t migrate window layout between versions.

Configuration: This could be a lot of things. Most configuration settings should have been migrated.

Theme Settings: Just select your theme from the list of themes when the Start Up Wizard runs. It is still in your profile it just may not be selected.

Servers: There were issues in previous releases here but that’s now fixed. The Profile upgrade process brings your servers with it.

All you should need to do is start Komodo 11 and it will migrate what it should migrate

If that is not working could you please elaborate on what’s not working?

  • Carey

So I just need to figure out how to change the Layout to match what I had before.

Yes, servers migrated, I was surprised, but that worked! Thank you.

Theme Settings do not work for me. The only one that works is Bright, all the other ones damage and render the App useless.

Shipped themes or third party?

I have no idea, sorry, this was years ago. Do we have a list of the Komodo Approved ones (simple screenshot of your schemes folder or this is mine currently: http://prntscr.com/gq25cw komodo and Classic_New destroy the IDE), I mean that comes shipped so I can delete these broken ones out of my system? Since I guess the old ones migrated.

These are from Komodo 9 (or 8, don’t remember, sorry). They won’t work. The built-in schemes won’t be in your profile folder though.

These are packaged with Komodo 11.

Any themes in your profiles scheme folder are “third party” (ie. you moded a shipped theme or installed it). If you remove those you will see what are the shipped themes.

Not knowing where your themes came from or how they might have been modified, I can’t comment on whether or not they should work. If they are over a couple versions old I’d definitely think about trying a new theme.

@careyh and @Defman OMG thank you so much for that! That makes it much simpler, I just wiped my schemes folder clean and that let me view the themes that actual work. I went with the Classic theme and I might change, but it works and is very close to where I need to be at! Such a relief.

Two other things I am trying to fix on my end, is forcing the Menu bar to show (I am old fashioned menu bar person).

And lastly, I have a desktop and a laptop that I sync between… I use Dropbox and I find that the worst way to sync and share between two computers. What is your recommendation on using shared data paths?

Press Alt / Hamburger Menu - View - Toolbars - Show Menubar.

I host everything I need on my own private git server (a gitea instance if you’re interested). Then I simply git clone the repo(s).

Right click the toolbar > Menubar.

I use dropbox as well then have a script for building symlinks to appropriate folders. Here it is if you think you can use it. It’ll only work on Windows and you’ll have to modify the paths to match yours and it assumes you’ve save the XRE\extensions, tools, schemes folders in the dropbox *komodo-profiles\general* folder I reference. I’m sure you can figure it out:

@echo off
set PROFILEDIR=C:\Users\me\AppData\Local\ActiveState\KomodoIDE\
set DROPBOXDIR=C:\Users\me\Dropbox\komodo-profiles\general\
set TOOLSPATH=tools
set SCHEMESPATH=schemes
set PREFSPATH=prefs.xml
set CHECK=%~1
rem append release
    echo We haz da args
) ELSE (
    echo you need to pass in args
    echo eg. setup-komodo-profile-links.bat version [major.minor]
    Exit /b

rem echo mkdir %VERSIONPATH%

rem echo mkdir %VERSIONPATH%XRE





OH and I’m breaking the prefs file rule. I need to remove that…it always breaks the version I move it to haha (shakes head at self).

I finally got it all setup to a pretty nice setup. How do you change the menu bar colour? I am in scheme configuration and I don’t see menu option. Also, I see what the other user was saying about the colour picker not working. And how do I change the order of the close, maximize, minimum buttons? I want them on the left side, but order changed. Screenshot for everything said: http://prntscr.com/gq2gxp

@careyh what do you mean by breaking the prefs file rule? I know what you mean about the updates, I always have the other computer not update data paths for minor versions.

@Defman I think I will go with the GIT method and build it so it automatically commits and deploys. How often do you have it doing this? And what fies? Just the XRE and the prefs.xml for the most part? I am actually self hosting GitLab, but I might check out Gitea as well. Looks pretty awesome.

And yes, menubar shows now, thank you!

And always hated this, but how do I disable double clicking on the file tab from showing the sidebars?

Pick the Interface item in the left-top dropdown list in the Color Scheme Editor. You’d see the Toolbar Contrast item.

There were such a setting in Komodo 10 IIRC and now it’s gone (it was in the Appearance category). @nathanr?

There’s not that much that I’d sync, actually. I don’t use add-ons (only Xemmet which I develop), nor I change a lot of settings. I’m using one of the built-in schemes. I don’t remember when I have to change something in the prefs because everything works out of the box for me (Ruby debugging and Codeintel). It takes ~5-10 mins to setup everything I need.
If you really want to have the same Komodo setup between multiple machines, I’d go with gitting (that’s not a word but eeh) ~/.komodoide/11.0 and exclude caches (codeintel db, less cache, icons cache, etc.). I’m unsure if it is safe to git-sync this folder though.

That’s not something you can change via prefs AFAIK. If you’re familiar with the Komodo SDK, you can override the dblclick event on tabs I guess.

He’s asking about the menu bar which I think is Toolbar Contrast.

I have nothing else to add to @Defman’s response.

Isn’t that exactly what I wrote?

OH it was on the second line. It is indeed what you wrote.


@careyh @Defman

  • Figured out how to order the buttons http://prntscr.com/gq3mo3
  • Double clicking a variable no longer highlights the other variables that are the same
  • Code definitions as you type no longer show up… Code Intel does not work even though PHP is configured correctly
  • Thank you for this although I did find another theme, but this helps: Toolbar Contrast
  • As for sync, I will implement a GIT feature. And I meant that I will create my own sync method, not git-sync (I didn’t know that existed).

Komodo IDE 11 still crashes constantly just like Komodo 10: Email: mike@mjbcode.com. From log?

File “/home/mjbrancato/Komodo-IDE-11/lib/python/lib/python2.7/socket.py”, line 224, in meth
return getattr(self._sock,name)(*args)
gaierror: [Errno -2] Name or service not known

I don’t remember such a feature in previous versions. Clicking on a variable should highlight other usages of it in the code though.

It’s working for me. Have you enabled this option?

I just named it that way, I didn’t know there’s a tool with this name. I’m fine with git clone though.

  • Code Intel Does not work in Linux: http://prntscr.com/gqf9t4
  • Komodo 10 you were able to double click a variable and all the other variables highlighted, this no longer exists in Komodo 11: http://prntscr.com/gqfac2
  • Also, the default themes are not made well, the default colour schemes are unusable. Example is one scheme was preset the top scroll bar to grey and the background to grey, why would that be setup that way, you can’t even see the scroll bars? I just spent a couple hours fixing all of that.
  • There is a theme bug issue, I can set the background of a control box to grey, highlight red, and the font colour to black, and it works, but then when changing things into the interface it shows a different colour, but then hovering back to the Editor it changes back to the colour I defined.

The indicator is called “Matching Tag” in the Color Scheme Editor and it’s under the Editor category.