Local version control

Hey. I tried NetBeans today and one of the feature that I liked is this one. It would be nice if you could add this feature too in the future. Basicaly, it saves a copy of a file each time you press Ctrl+S. I find this too much because I press Ctrl+S a lot. I think it would be better to add posability to control this manually. Pressed button - backup saved, did some changes, hated them, pressed other button - restored from backup.

I tried to Git. :slight_smile: How to use version control easy way?
But it didn’t worked out. System is too damn complex, it’s not worth it. Besides, I don’t want my files to be hosted somewhere, I just want to stop holding Ctrl+Z all the time when I need to go back a lot.

You can use my macro as base of you want.
Just add some extra features like restore by button and well done.
Or I can create an add-on with functionality you described.

In addition to @Defman’s macro; Komodo 9 will have a “track changes” feature which will allow you to see the changes made to the file since you opened it and allows you to revert individual changes.

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If I need to back to very old file (e.g. I made about 40 changes and save file on each 10 change) - track changes cannot help me in this situation :smile:
Anyway track changes is very nice feature, nice work :blush:

Sure, it’s not meant to be used for those use-cases. Track Changes is only meant to assist with changes made during your session. If you are likely to want to revert back to older versions you should use version control (which Track Changes integrates with).

It’s too hard for users who never use any version control system and use just a local backup (e.g. myfile.php-%timestamp% in folder myfile_bak) will be easy (I plained to create this).
Anyway I recommend learn git system - I think it’s the most easy version control system :wink: And a lot of companies (when you can get a work) requires skill of git version control.

Cool. Gonna wait for Komodo 9 then to see what’s this “track changes” thing all about.

Fyi we do have a pre-release version you can play with right away - http://komodoide.com/download/#preview

I tryed it. Emmet doesn’t work with this version, so it’s not usable for me yet.

@Maestra_Powers, I say it about 4 months ago and create a topic.
Here is a ticket for it