Emmet for IDE 9.0

Well, In Twitter I’m speak with Sergey Chikuyonok about Emmet for IDE 9.0 (Our dialog)
@Defman21: @chikuyonok, hello. Komodo IDE 9 near at hand. Did you remade your addon “Emmet” to new version of Komodo IDE (9.0)?
@chikuyonok: @Defman21, Hello, it’s better to create a ticket on github. At now there are no plans to do this.
@Defman21: @chikuyonok, okay, Sergey, I will create a ticket at now (here is it (Russian and English text available)).
So can you say your opinion about this addon and support me here? I think, if more of us say’s that we wait this addon, it’s up speed of moving addon on IDE 9.

Just want to point out that no one has said Komodo IDE 9 is “near at hand” :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha, droplet of lie no one hurts :smiley:

Well yeah it hurts us when people start complaining about 9.0 final not being out yet…

But I don’t complaining about 9.0 final, Naatan! Where are you see complaints? (Show me and I’m kill author of complaint, haha :D)

Just created a version which works in Komodo IDE 9 beta (not sure what was broken in original xpi but seems like changing the maxVersion in install.rdf and moving the source from jar (means making the add-on --unjarred) made something :smiley: )
Not sure about putting it in the Resources section cause it’s already has Emmet add-on in addons.coffee:
But anyway you can download my fixed version here: https://github.com/Defman21/emmet-kide9

Any word on an officially-updated/supported version of Emmet for Komodo v9?

Sergey Chikuyonok said that he’ll create an official repository and use my fork for that.

Ah, that is good news. I just pinged him on Twitter, too.