Komodo IDE says Python 3 is not installed (but it is)

Hello all. Absolute beginner here. I just installed Python 3 and Komodo IDE. Running “Hello, World” script, using the py “%F” command, and I am getting this message in the Command Output: “Requested Python version (3) is not installed”.

However, when I use the Run File/Selection In-Line button (lightning bolt icon on the left panel), I get the correct result showing in a temp pop-up window labeled $Running selection. Also, when I open an Interactive Shell, it creates a Python Shell showing the version number 3.9.4. So Komodo is clearly seeing Python 3 in some parts of the program. Why is the user-created command py “%F” producing the error message that Python is not installed in the Command Output window?

Hey @stardial,

My guess is your Command is using the %python3 directive but Komodo set the Python2 preference when auto configuring itself at start up. You can either re-run the First Start Wizard from Help menu > Run First Start Wizard Again then check/correct what Komodo detects for Python 3 on the Component Detection screen (the 3rd one).

Or just set it in the prefs, Edit (Komodo menu on OSX) menu > Preferences > Languages > Python 3 and tell Komodo where the Python 3 interpreter is installed.

Hi @careyh , thanks for getting back to me here. (I got caught up in replying in the other thread). Yeah, I think I’m good to go. I did have Komodo pointed at the right path for the Python 3 interpreter. The thing that made the difference was my needing to save the python script after I changed it. That was the only way it would show the new result in the Command Output. Sound about right?

One last thing while I have you… the PIP Location had a number of pip.exe choices in the Scripts directory. There was pip.exe, pip39.exe, and pip3.exe. I went with pip3.exe. Does it matter which one?

@stardial, I THINK that doesn’t matter. I’m pretty sure they are essentially the same file but allow a user to granularly differential between all the possible Pips they might have installed. You should be fine to just point it at pip.exe.

Also, could you link the other thread so future readings of THIS thread know how they related and if it might help them?

Here’s the link to the related thread on this issue:

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