Komodo 9 "changes control" feature makes no sense

Today I tried Komodo 9 beta1. And I found new changes control feature pretty awesome idea, but useless, because it resets each time you save the file. Let’s say, I made 5 changes in file, I save it to see the result, then checking if I like everything or not and I hated second change - how do I roll back? Hold Ctrl+Z, as usual, wich will undo 5,4,3,2… But if tracking of changes wouldn’t reset when you save file, I could undo second change in 2 clicks. So I think there should be separate button for clearing “history of changes”, otherwise this feature makes no sense.

Nod - an interesting point and perhaps something that we could enable quite easily (it would effectively give on-disk track changes the same behaviour as you currently get with source code control track changes - the later is currently more useful).

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Agreed, good point @Maestra_Powers. Could you file this as an enhancement request? It’s likely to get lost if it’s only a forum post. Lots and lots in the pipeline at the moment. An enhancement request will keep it visible and prioritized against other work.

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