SCC icons not updating in Places

For me what is more problematic is source control icons, on the top where all open files have a tab you can see what files have changed unless you have way to many files open.
On the left (tree like) the icon doesn’t change although the icon is exactly the same, I have placed a bug for this, but until now no answer.
Needless to say, this didn’t happen in 8…

Hey @reiso,
Could you link the bug you report please? I moved your comment to a new thread as it wasn’t related to the original thread you posted in.

  • Carey

Hi, Careyh,
Bug #105913

Actually the screenshot in the page I commented had the same problem, code was changed in the file appearing in the editor. In the upper tab the icon has a “pencil” which states it has changed but on the tree appears as in sync with svn or whatever source control it was using (green ‘v’ icon) .


Thank you @reiso,

I’ve updated the bug with a milestone and priority and also confirmed it on my machine.

Thanks for reporting the issue.

  • Carey

Duplicate of Komodo 9 svn icons and also fixed.

Thanks for updating @defman. I’ve updated the bug which was a dupe as well.

Might as well link the downloads for convenience sake next time:

  • Carey