Komodo 9.3 Pre-release, what do you like? What don't you like?

Sorry for the ambiguity. I meant that the search features are not part of my work :slight_smile:

It should remember what you last used, doesn’t it?

Yes, it remembers the setting. But every time I restart Komodo/computer, it reverts back to case-sensitive search. (Which is why I am interested if there was a setting for this that I just didn’t see)

There is no setting for this, but please consider reporting a bug, it should persist your preference from your previous session.

Thanks, for some reason I just ran through the procedures to reproduce this error (case sensitivity preference), and it seems like it’s fine. Very odd.

A few wishes I’d have:

But the most important:

It’s a PAIN that I need to hover with the mouse to get the popup or fiddle with the bottom pane…

As said about the bottom pane; this won’t be a native feature. Thanks for reminding me though, I’ll try and find some time to make an addon for this.

Splitting off open files pane to an addon - As said in that thread it already is an addon, it just isn’t in its own repository. Will look into it but it isn’t really something that should stop anyone from contributing if they know where the files are.

Add syntax checking to notify - This is in the 9.3 nightly as we speak :slight_smile:

bottom pane: thank you!

open files pane: well I don’t have much time nowadays anyway… still have to fix a few compatibility issues with qwin

syntax checking: great!

Any chance for better syntax highlighting for .INI files?
Right now only comments and keywords (sections) seem to be supported

Too late for 9.3 I’m afraid, could you file an enhancement request and detail what should be added? Key/value seems to be the only real identifiers in an .ini file to me… ?

It works fine with one exception:
when I save a working file I get a "Permission denied " message
I can however save it as
ex. about.html can be saved as about1.html but fails to update the working file.

Please report any bugs you run into on our bug tracker: https://github.com/Komodo/KomodoEdit/issues

This thread is only intended for general feedback :slight_smile:

I have tried to like the new syntax checking popups, but I really don’t. I find them of no real benefit, but they are more and more annoying.

Is there a way of disabling those popups, without negatively affecting background syntax checking in any other way? Previously, I could already see when there’s a problem with a line, because it’s got squiggle underlining. If I hover the mouse over it, the tooltip says what the issue is. Also, there’s the triangle warning symbol in the status bar to tell me there’s an issue, and if I want to, I can look at all the errors in one place, using the bottom panel. I just don’t see any need for the popups, particularly as they are normally only appearing while I’m actually writing unfinished code.

Also, what has happened to the error/warning display in the notifications panel? Mine is full of warnings about things that I’ve already fixed in the code, which I was writing at the time. Also, I can no longer double click an error line to go directly to the line of code in the editor. I’m very disappointed with this new behaviour, which seems to make syntax checking much less useful, perhaps even to the point of disabling it and going back to using external tools for code checking.

They definitely still need some improvements, we’ll be sure to work on those. I’m not sure what you mean by the notifications panel, consider opening a bug report or a separate forum thread (whichever seems more appropriate).

Q: how to close the boatload of find result tabs piling up? Any command/shortcut for that? Mousing around isn’t fun.

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Just hit the cog icon on the notification and select “Disable Notifications of This Type”

hmmm, for find result tabs ?

Oh sorry, I got your issue mixed up with another. There is no shortcut for that, but that’s an interesting idea.

Here’s a userscript that does it:

var items = ko.widgets._widgets.listitems();
for (let item of items)
    let [name, widget] = item;
    if (name.indexOf("findresults") !== 0) continue;
    let tab = widget.browser.parentNode.tab;
    tab.dispatchEvent(new Event("close-tab"));
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I’m not crazy about the new Addon manager:

  • The new manager will get unwieldy if the number of new format addons increases substantially.
  • There is no information displayed about addons, which means you must know exactly what you’re looking for before the event.
  • It is too easy to miss updates to addons

Most of the rest is good, including the new method of multiple selections. I’ll try it out on some students tomorrow.