Komodo 9.3 Pre-release, what do you like? What don't you like?

See the blog post to find out about the 9.3 release.

We made a lot of changes in 9.3, some of which will change the way you work with or perceive Komodo. A lot of these changes were made with us thinking “if people don’t like it, they can tell us when they try the pre-release and we can revert it/change it”. So with that in mind; tell us - what do you like, and what don’t you like?

I don’t like how errors and warning are implemented now. If you’re using Pylint and PEP8, once you make a mistake in the code formatting or something different that causes a warning in Pylint or PEP8, those notifications start spamming until I close them 3 times (after that I get “Repeat notifications truncated bla-bla-bla”)

That would be a bug, the warning/error should only show once. Please report it on the issue tracker.

I like the changes except for a minor point - the warnings and errors pop-up while I am typing and tell me that there is some kind of syntax error or other and it is only because I hadn’t finished the statement. Couldn’t there be some kind of timer for these things so they don’t appear until after I stop typing or I have finished the line of code? It’s like when someone tries to finish my sentences while I am still talking which is a pet peeve of mine.

There is actually; Prefs > Syntax & Spell Checking > Syntax Checking > Enable background syntax checking after ..

We should probably increase the default.

Thanks, Nathan. I should have known you’d have a setting for that :grinning:

Just started using 9.3 Nightly. But now when I ctrl+click on a function (php) it no longer goes to the definition. I see the purple underline, and the preview of the function definition pops up on hover, and right clicking and going to “Go to definition” still works.

Did this functionality change? Or is this a bug?

(I like the general improvements, especially the updates to the search. Is there any way to default the search setting to not be case sensitive?)

Hi, Ctrl+Click will work in the next nightly, as we’ve fixed that regression you pointed out.

I cannot comment on your search query as I don’t know enough about it.

Cool. :slight_smile:
When you say you don’t know enough about the search, are you saying I need to provide more information? Or that’s not part of your work?

Sorry for the ambiguity. I meant that the search features are not part of my work :slight_smile:

It should remember what you last used, doesn’t it?

Yes, it remembers the setting. But every time I restart Komodo/computer, it reverts back to case-sensitive search. (Which is why I am interested if there was a setting for this that I just didn’t see)

There is no setting for this, but please consider reporting a bug, it should persist your preference from your previous session.

Thanks, for some reason I just ran through the procedures to reproduce this error (case sensitivity preference), and it seems like it’s fine. Very odd.

A few wishes I’d have:

But the most important:

It’s a PAIN that I need to hover with the mouse to get the popup or fiddle with the bottom pane…

As said about the bottom pane; this won’t be a native feature. Thanks for reminding me though, I’ll try and find some time to make an addon for this.

Splitting off open files pane to an addon - As said in that thread it already is an addon, it just isn’t in its own repository. Will look into it but it isn’t really something that should stop anyone from contributing if they know where the files are.

Add syntax checking to notify - This is in the 9.3 nightly as we speak :slight_smile:

bottom pane: thank you!

open files pane: well I don’t have much time nowadays anyway… still have to fix a few compatibility issues with qwin

syntax checking: great!

Any chance for better syntax highlighting for .INI files?
Right now only comments and keywords (sections) seem to be supported

Too late for 9.3 I’m afraid, could you file an enhancement request and detail what should be added? Key/value seems to be the only real identifiers in an .ini file to me… ?