Keep Komodo Edit (where to download?)

Is Komodo Edit still available to download?

I have a new computer and would like to install Komodo Edit as I have a lot of customizations and do not want to go thru re-setting up Komodo IDE as it will take a long time.


@jshrek, what do you mean by customizations? If you mean toolbox tools, prefs and other cosmetic or addon changes then all those changes will be migrated to Komodo IDE when you start it.

Two issues…

(1) I installed Komodo IDE on my current computer but it did not take on any of my Komodo Edit settings/prefs/theme.

(2) I also have a new computer and want to install Komodo Edit on it because I know how to copy over the prefs/settings folder so that it would be setup the same.


You can download Komod Edit from here :

  1. That doesn’t sound right. Can you clarify which version of Komodo Edit you’re coming from? Did you look for your theme in the Color Scheme Editor? Tools > Color Scheme Editor

  2. This has definitely been asked before in these forums. If this thread doesn’t answer your question please dig a bit deeper: Export custom colors from Preferences>Color Scheme