Export custom colors from Preferences>Color Scheme

I have to leave my company laptop behind but I want to keep my current color scheme.

Is there a way to export a custom color scheme that I created under Preferences>Color Scheme?

You can find your color schemes in your Profile Folder, in the schemes/ folder you will find the color schemes (they are stored with the .ksf extension). For installation you can drag and drop the color scheme on komodo and it will ask you if you want it to install the color scheme.


There should be a simpler way to do it. What do you think @nathanr? Something like “Open in Folder” button.

Yes, but there currently isn’t a simpler way. What @babobski said is correct.

yep, there is some room from improvement for the color scheme’s handling.
The only thing missing in my opinion is a export button next to the upload button.
The name is displayed so I guess you will have the file location to, if that’s so you could implement it with a “save as” action.