IDE 11.0.1 - How can I deactivate CSS code intelligence on semicolon

Using Komodo IDE 11.0.1 on Windows 10. Whenever I edit a CSS file and finish a line with a semicolon, Code Intelligence pops up with a list of accepted declarations, the first one being -moz-appearance. If I press Enter to get a new line then -moz-appearance: is instead added to the file and I have to manually delete it. Is there any way to prevent Code Intelligence when I type a semicolon? I still want to keep it so that if I start typing max-w it should suggest max-width:.

Note that this only happens when Code Intelligence has no suggestion for the value of the current declaration or if I select something other than the suggested values.

I have tried starting Komodo IDE with the default settings but I am still faced with the same behavior.

Hi @Technoh, this is a bug in 11.0.1 and has been fixed in the latest nightly:

The official release will follow in a few weeks.

Any updates on this? I’m seeing the same behavior in v11.0.2, build 90813.

It should have been fixed in 11.0.2. Are you still seeing the exact same behaviour?

Yes, in fact that’s why I looked at the forum last week.

I’ve been using Komodo IDE again because I’m now doing Ruby and RoR development. That includes working with stylesheets. I’ll attempt to add a screenshot.

I’m using v11.0.2 running on CentOS7. I have a screenshot, but I don’t see a way to attach it here.

You can just drag it onto the reply area I believe.

Does this happen in safe-mode also? Help > Troubleshooting > Restart in Safe-mode.

I’ll try that and post and update here.

Yes, same behavior in safe mode.

I can confirm that this is still happening for me in 11.0.2 as well. Exact same issue and behaviour, and the issue persists in Safe Mode.

Thanks guys, opened a new bug here:

Hi guys, I wonder if can you remove this code intelligence after opening the curly braces too.

I want to open it and press Enter to continue adding CSS rules, then this happens:

Anything new on this ?

Same bug on “11.1.0”.


@trogne, on which issues? The semi colon issue should be fixed. I don’t know if @stramin filed a ticket for their issue with {.

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This issue still persists in Komodo IDE, version 11.1.1, build 91089, platform win32-x86.

No completions trigger after ; me. If you’re still seeing this issue please start a new thread as we’ll have to dig into specifically what might be going on in your case.

I’m seeing this issue with SCSS on the following build:

Komodo IDE, version 12.0.1, build 91869, platform win32-x86.
Built on Mon Feb 10 18:14:23 2020.

@Ruddiger please report the bug