How to change color of code highlighting?

Not sure what its called, but when I writing, for example, PHP code, the variable names are red, text in quotes is yellow, reserved words are white, etc.

The one thing I am interested in customizing, is Javascript.

There is the option in javascript to name a variable starting with an underscore. For example you can use:
var somevarname = 0;
var _someothervarname = 0;

In php, all variables must start with $ so the php code highlighter knows to turn those red.

I would like to cusomize the javascript highlighter, so that if a variable names starts with _ it will turn that variable name red.


Hey @jshrek,

The term you’re looking for is Syntax Highlighting. The request you’re making though isn’t possible in Komodo. It only knows about “variables” not custom formats of variable names. Have you seen this in other editors?

  • Carey

Years ago, I had an editor that let me customize the syntax highlighting for Javascript. Of course I can not remember what that editor was.

There must be some logic behind the syntax highlighting that let’s it figure out what color it is going to make something. So I guess you are saying that this logic is not customizable/editable in Komodo Edit?

@jshrek You can customize everything in Komodo that you want to.
You can find more info on the next page:

@jshrek, syntax highlighting works by having a preset of patterns Komodo knows about and we allow you to set colours when those patterns appear. So we allow changing the colours. What we don’t allow is custom “patterns” which is what you’re asking about.

@babobski, would you disagree with my assumption? It sounds like you think this is possible.

  • Carey

So I think @careyh is correct … I only see the ability to change colors for predefined patterns, but not any option to change/add/modify how the pattern matching is defined.