How can I change colour of this


I use dark default scheme.

@Heszek I honestly don’t know what you’re showing me. Please provide context.

I want to change background color of notice or font color but only from notice.

@Heszek, I don’t know what that diaglog is. Based on the slightly larger screenshot you provided it looks like you might have an extension installed for compiling SASS?

Yes, I installed addon to compiling sass and all notice have white font on light grey background.

That would be key context I was asking for in my first msg. You’ll have to contact the maintainer of the addon to see if they can update it to use appropriate colour styles. I think @babobski knows how to fix that pretty quickly.

For the styling of the web notifications I have a bug open. In the bug report there is also a workaround for the issue. You also can enable the Komodo default notifications in the addon settings.


I don’t know which file should I edit on Komodo 11.1.1.

You need to add those rules to the color scheme editor. Wrote a post on how to add you’re custom less a while ago:

You need to insert it in the interface tab.


@babobski, awesome thank you!