Has the start page changed?

On the latest nightly the start page is a white page with oddly spaced buttons in a column down the middle .

Indeed, the old startpage (that was in Komodo 8) was removed.

We have the Getting Started page, and the Quick Launch page.

Your screenshot shows the Quick Launch page (only visible when no files are opened), which please note, is still a work in progress. Comments and suggestions welcome.

My two cents: Please reconsider and bring back the old start page. In a given week, I am in and out of more than a dozen projects with hundreds of folders and thousands of files, switching back and forth multiple times in a given day. Having the list of recent projects and recent files on the lower panel of the start page was a huge benefit and significantly eased getting in and out of files without having to necessarily keep them all open all the time.

The current quick launch page is still under construction, you will be able to quickly navigate to recent files and projects once it is complete. Please keep this in mind when you use the pre-release - NOTHING is final.

That said, there is no chance of the old start page coming back. At least not the same code as it was extremely dated and a big liability for us to maintain. The new quick launch page (and Commando) should be more than capable to replace any functionality offered in the old start page once they are both finalized.

@nathanr Thanks for the follow-up.

As long as I have access to something analogous to that list of files across all projects that I’ve been in and out of recently, I will be happy. I use that list on the now-dearly-departed start page a great deal, as it is such a simple way of getting in and out of stuff I’m working on, and is also a sort of visual/mental crutch if I have questions on (or can’t remember, which seems to be happening more and more…) what I was doing.

I’ve been using the v9 pre-releases exclusively for the past few weeks, and I am going to try to continue doing so… but I may end up missing my “Recent Files” list enough that I drop back to the current v8 as this evolves.

Note you can still access your recent files/projects through your “File” menu, you can also quickly access recent files from your toolbox (you will have to enable the “Recent Locations” button) and recent Projects from your Places pane (at the bottom).

That might not be entirely what you want, but could address your need for the time being.

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Agreed, some of those will help in part and/or while this evolves.

One aspect of the “Recent Files” panel that is really valuable to me is the grouping of the files by age (e.g., “yesterday”, “2 days ago”, “1 week ago”)… coupled with the fact that the list is across all projects. It seems like the age aspect is missing from at least the File menu’s entries and the cross-project aspect may be missing from anything that is project-specific.

Having said all of that, I’ll try to continue playing with this and figure out (a) what works and (b) how big a deal losing that “Recent Files” list on the old start page /actually/ ends up being.

(And thanks again for early access to the v9 builds!)

Note with Commando you could easily create your own “Search Scope” that would let you easily navigate your recent files. Documentation on this will follow.

Please update http://docs.activestate.com/komodo/9.0/workspace.html, where it states:

The Start Page
Komodo’s Start Page is displayed by default when Komodo is first opened.

It would be helpful to state there that Quick Launch replaced it. Had you done that I would save a good an hour or so.

I also recommend to get rid of all references of “Start Page” in other parts of the documentation.

Thanks @mehmet, I’ll update the documentation. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Do you plan to return Start Page? Or there is any extension similar to “old” Start Page?

More or less, we intend to do more with the Quick launch page you see when no files are open. For one thing you should get this whenever you open a new tab, not just when you have no files open.