Track Changes in Komodo 9


I won’t comment on the quick launch page, since I have no talent in that area, but I will comment on the little changebar. I have seen it for a while, but just got around to hovering over it, then clicking it. The way I use Komodo IDE makes that one of the best features I’ve seen since I started using Komodo.

Dave Allmon

Great, I’m glad you like it - that’s the new Track Changes feature in Komodo 9 - and yes - it’s really useful, especially for reverting one change at a time.

There is a preference where I can set what font must use Track Changes? In Windows it uses Courier New (and I think it must use font that used in current color scheme).

It should use your editor font, I’ll make sure this is the case, might be a bug.

I use Consolas at Windows so it might be a bug…

As of build “version 9.0.0-beta1, build 86711”, at least on OS X, it is definitely not using the editor font. It appears to be using something very Courier-ish (see screenshot below). It also seems like it would make sense for the track changes display used the colors defined for “diff” files within the color scheme (it currently does not, as those colors are not what I have specified for “diff” files in my scheme).

Thanks Ron - I’ve seen this too (just on Mac) - I think I’ve fixed this now:

@toddw Thanks for the follow-up. This may just be a matter of semantics, but I am curious how broad or narrow the fix is, given the issue title? I’m hoping the fix addresses not just the font size (per the title), but also picks up the correct font and coloring?

It should get both the font size and the font name correct (as I removed the CSS that reset it to the “monospace” font).

As for colors, they will usually be red or green… which colors were you expecting?

My first choice for colors would be the colors assigned to the corresponding entries for “diff” files in the active color scheme.

@toddw Not sure if your fix made it into the latest nightly (I’m running Komodo IDE, version 9.0.0-beta1, build 86712, platform macosx, as of this morning). It now looks like it is picking up the right font size but definitely not getting the font face.

It will be in the next nightly update, isn’t it?