Find and replace in a separate window?

Hi team, I love Komodo Edit, but something’s funny in my v9. I can’t find a way to make the Find and Replace functionality appear in a separate dialogue box, into which I can copy-paste the texts I want to find / replace.

Instead, it only appears at the bottom of the file edit window, and disappears when you click back into the body of the text. So if I want to copy-paste something to find I lose it when I then go to copy paste something to replace!

If it was a separate dialogue window that stayed open as you clicked around files it would be - well, normal. That’s how v8 did it as well as any other text editor I’ve used.

I looked at this, but couldn’t find a mention of Pin the Find menu in my Preferences on Mac.

I am guessing I’m missing something here, and would be glad to know what it is.

Thanks again for your excellent programme!

I’m using Komodo Edit 9 on Yosemite.

Preferences - Find. There should be a pin option. However, I suggest you to update to Komodo Edit 10.

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