Komodo edit 9.3 doesn't hide find & replace menu with ESC


I’m using Komodo edit 9.3.2 on Ubuntu. I’ve enabled the option “Pin the find frame (Use ESCAPE to close)” from Edit > Preferences > Find menu. After this, the find & replace menu doesn’t hide anymore even after pressing the esc key. Am I missing something?

Related question: The reason I enabled the option “Pin the find frame” is that if I copy some text and paste it in the Find box and then I copy some other text to be pasted in the Replace box, the Find box has lost the original text and it has replaced it with the second text. This is annoying as essentially you have to manually type the Find and Replace strings and you can’t use copy & paste. Is there a way prevent this from happening?

Many thanks

ESC should work, but it only hides the find frame if you press ESC while the find frame is selected.

No, this is a bug and will be resolved in a future release.

Ok, thanks!