Debug Listener indicator

I was able to do a key mapping for the debugging listener, which partially solves my problem: Being able to easily manage the listening for remote debugging connections. Is there a way to put an indicator on the UI for “it’s listening”? A button option in the toolbar would be nice, but an indicator would work.

I did find the “Listener Status” window, but it doesn’t have live data in it; it appears to keep a snapshot of the state of the listener when the window was opened.

There’s no built-in way of doing this, though you could write a userscript or an addon for it. You’d have to dig through the source to figure out the api’s to use though. I’m sorry I don’t know from the top of my head where this would take you.

Perhaps a feature request is in order? If you think it’s a valid one, I’ll drop a ticket on github.

You can request features here

That said I don’t see it as a very likely feature, most people won’t care about this. What’s your use case?

This may be “I need to dig into how to configure xdebug” thing: Right now every time I load stuff on my docker instance that has xdebug, it nags me about the connection unless I have the listener turned off. It’d be nice to have a visual indicator as to its status on the UI.

That said, I can probably selectively trigger xdebug with some work, so that’s the route I should probably go.

Thanks for your time.

Yeah that’s the way to go I’d say. Back when I was using xcode I used a chrome extension for this.