Can't Upload Files

When dragging and dropping files to be uploaded, the system says this feature is not yet implemented. I am confused on why a program costs 99 dollars when you can’t even upload files.

The programs primary function is not uploading files, it’s facilitating IDE functionalities. Working with remote files is part of that equation.

That said, if you would like to suggest a feature you can do so here:

I am surprised that you don’t think that a PHP (Web) IDE is important (primary/important feature) to upload files. The main point of Websites is to upload and host them. So when you modify your PHP classes, you save and upload them after. Why would someone want to open up another application to upload them?

I will request this feature under the issues section. I am switching over to Brackets IO by Adobe. It does literally everything and it’s free too.

You’re looking for the publishing tool @mjbrancato. We simply don’t have the exact use case you’re asking for. Publishing uploads your files and checks for differences between the local and remote files. When configured, Komodo will automatically push changed files when you save.

I guess this comment is more for people that come to this thread later though I guess :wink: .

  • Carey

I was looking more for just live FTP with caching feature like Dreamweaver (but not Dreamweaver). Many people work on websites as well so if I made a change to the local files or even deleted it, then used the publishing tool, then the site would get corrupt. I try to stay away from tools like that. The only time those work great is working on PHP Web Apps that only I work and manage on.

Doesn’t sound like you read the docs link I sent. Komodo checks for conflicts and asks you what to do if there is one (download or push). The “push on save” option is just that, an option. You can disable it if you don’t want that to happen. It won’t run if there is a conflict.

  • Carey

I did read the article. I don’t want to have to rely on going through several folders to dump my plugin in and then use the interface to sync upload the files. It’s much easier to just drag and drop on live FTP. Live FTP is different than syncing.

Live FTP is not “different than syncing”, but I understand you are talking about a workflow, not a technology.

Thing is for your workflow you are better off using an FTP client. It is not conventional or best practice for a developer to manually upload individual files. That’s not to say it shouldn’t be supported, but you seem to be implying that “this is how everyone does it” which is simply not true.

For a workflow to work properly everyone has to adopt it, if you work with a team that each does things their own way I can understand that manually uploading files becomes your workflow, but I am sure that is not optimal and you likely run into issues often as a result.

I am really trying to get Komodo to work for me. I know plenty of people and I know thousands of projects that aren’t the size of Amazon that don’t need an entire Team Foundation application.

Actually, in order to work on a site, you have to be able to upload files or else the files wont be on that site. Files may include images or various types of frameworks.

Live FTP, project based, caching, doesn’t matter. It would be nice to be able to drag and drop files to upload.

No, modifying files then transferring to a separate FTP client is not ideal. Nor is it convenient at all.

Here’s the thing. This is the only stable PHP development application on Linux. The rest of them are garbage.

Eclipse, useless with the horrible FTP implementation, it’s a complete joke.
Eclipse + Aptana Studio = Garbage and complete buggy. Error messages all over the place.
Aptana Studio = Also runs in Java VM so it crashes, glitches out, freezes.
Brackets = Unusable, opening files are either blank or they don’t upload to the server.
Kate/Sublime/KDE Program Editors, some are great, but are simple text editors.

Coda 2 for Mac was great, but didn’t have caching supported. Also had a few issues.

Dreamweaver has a great workflow, but limited from not being able to work on multiple sites. I don’t like Dreamweaver, but they do know how to do FTP (just needs to add multiple FTP support).

Side note, how do people work? I mean if you are working on a site, you do need FTP. I am not sure how people don’t use FTP to develop sites.

What if, I create a project for each of my FTP sites and add it as a remote folder. Not a perfect solution and somewhat tedious, but it might get me started.

Couple things, when will drag and drop be supported? It seems like it’s going to be developed soon from the message. I think that will squash a main issue I am having.

It would be nice to have it better integrated like not open in another pane. I have a few ideas, but not sure which one is the best or if it would be even done.

But that drag and drop feature would be very valuable.

What message is that? Definitely open to adding drag-drop functionality for remote servers, that seems sensible. Did you open an enhancement request for this on our bug tracker?

Aside from that, publishing is as far as we’ll go with this. If you want to upload files directly to a server I’d suggest Filezilla, which I use myself. Komodo will not be trying to reproduce FTP client functionality except in parts where its relevant to your development workflow (wherein “your” is referring to our general user, not you specifically).

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The message is when you drag and drop files to a FTP server in Places. I didn’t open a ticket yet, since I figured it was open since it says it’s pending for development.

Well if you drag and drop then that’s the same as uploading. Also, Filezilla is not only a pain, but you would have to login with another couple hundred accounts. Not to mention it’s a separate application. And it’s not recreating an FTP client. It’s something very common when dealing with websites.

There’s thousands of users that like having this feature. Here is one the posted on another thread on your site: Ftp Upload file?

Anyways, if you are adding drag and drop that would fix the upload problem. The next thing is being able to right click and download, or drag and drop to copy files from remote to local (same thing as drag and drop to remote, but reverse).

I’m also vouching for Filezilla as Nathan suggested to use. Yes, maybe having some basic FTP actions such as uploading/downloading just inside Komodo would be a good feature (less programs to use, that’s great of course), but I don’t see any reasons to put extra attention on it. You should understand the difference between IDE and FTP client and don’t ask for FTP functions in IDE in my opinion.

I’m hosting a local server at my home, so I’m doing some great (or not) stuff on a local machine and then just move everything to my remote server. To get 100% working code I copied the environment from the remote machine to my local machine, so they are identical in everything.

What about Dreamweaver, Aptana Studio, Brackets, Coda 2? These are all IDE’s that have FTP support.

Ok got it, I may or may not be able to get basic FTP features as I described, but either way, it’s not bad to have in a system.

I have a local server setup and a bunch of dev servers setup. Still need to have FTP to setup it up on a dev server for the client to see. Once made life, sometimes the client wants changes on the fly, so it wouldn’t make sense to make the change then redeploy. It just doesn’t work that way in a team (maybe yours, but that’s not all).

I really like this app a lot just like the other user said, and it might be a break through from Dreamweaver.

This app is the only stable Web Development app out there on the market, especially for Linux.

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@mjbrancato, please file an enhancement request for drag and drop of remote files in the Places pane: We agree that this is a good idea. No need to discuss the merrits of it any more.

The message you mentioned about drag and drop that appears in Komodo is simply a warning. Do not assume things are under development like that and please be more explicit when references “messages” that you’ve seen. No one knew what you were talking about.

You’ve mentioned a few times that you don’t want to use Filezilla because you would have to configure server connections. You still have to do that in Komodo. You would have to do that with ANY FTP tool unless you’re using SSH keys, which you’re not as you’re using FTP (as apposed to SFTP).

And finally, Komodo’s publishing tool (which has been mentioned in this thread a few times as well as the thread you linked to a similar request). Please use publishing tool for now.

Once again, there is no work currently being done on drag and drop for remote files and there is no request for it in our system. Please file that as I mentioned above.

I believe this thread has conveyed what it needed. Unless there is new material, i don’t think this discussion needs to continue :smile:

  • Carey

It’s pity but this is the only feature that I use everyday and I really need it.

It has been the main reason to not be able to choose komodo as my IDE.

For a web developer you need to upload files by FTP, it’s crazy if you can not do that.

Additionally the price for komodo is high, that why I think it should be included.